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Dark circles:the causes finally brought to light!

Whether they are blue, dark or puffy, dark circles are hard on us at any age. But before declaring war on them, are you sure you know the causes of the dark circles that fill your face? For each type of dark circles, Veld's takes you up to date on their origins and tips for finding a fresh look!

What is a dark circle?

Before talking about the causes of dark circles , let's get to the root of the matter:dark circles themselves. A dark circle corresponds to a variation in the color of the skin below the eye (or jugo-palpebral groove ). Depending on the type of dark circles, it can be hollow, dark, puffy, blue or even purple.

Often considered unsightly, under-eye circles lead to many complexes . If makeup is interesting to temporarily reduce pigmentation, the ideal remains to act at the source of the problem with appropriate gestures and care. And to do this, you have to understand the mechanics of dark circle formation.

Dark circles:the causes highlighted!

The main causes of dark circles under the eyes are often thought to be lack of sleep and screen abuse. However, this is far from the case! The causes of dark circles are much more diverse that it seems. The skin around the eyes being particularly thin, the slightest internal dysfunction is immediately visible.

Here are some of the factors that, individually or in combination, are likely to contribute to the formation of your dark circles:

  • The genetic heritage
  • The natural level of melanin
  • Poor blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Skin aging
  • Lifestyle (stress, tobacco, alcohol, deficiencies)

The main types of dark circles

The types of dark circles are as varied as the causes of dark circles. However, they can be grouped into two large families.

  • Dark circles:this type of dark circles is very common on skin of Mediterranean origin. Also called "cerne bistre", it results from an overproduction and accumulation of melanin in the jugular palpebral groove. It causes dark, yellowish or brown to black dark circles.
  • The vascular ring:here, it is the blood and lymphatic microcirculation that is disturbed. If the lymphatic circulation slows down, the blood is not properly “cleaned” and its toxins get lodged under your eye. They therefore form bluish or purplish rings.

Blue circles:causes and solutions

The blue ring is due to a venous stasis attributable to fatigue or aging , wrinkles and dark circles being intimately linked. The microcirculation is disturbed, to the point that the blood pigments are not properly drained and take up residence in your lower eyelid.

Fortunately, you can easily reduce this type of dark circles . When applying your eye contour, all you have to do is give yourself a little massage . This mechanical stimulation will allow you to revive your circulation. Do you doubt the gesture to adopt? Opt for our Eye Magic anti-wrinkle treatment:it has a large brush ideal for gently massaging the area . Easy… and so enjoyable!

Puffy dark circles:what causes?

puffy dark circles , you already know them by another name:pockets . This bulge corresponds to an edema, that is to say an accumulation of liquids following a sluggishness of the lymphatic tissues. It can also be a simple fatty deposit:we then speak of “dark circles .

Your best ally against dark circles and water retention bags is undoubtedly the cold ! From time to time, do not hesitate to leave for a few minutes two spoons previously placed in the freezer on your closed eyelids. The cold will help you decongest your eyes and regain a sparkling look.

Yellow dark circles:causes and good reflexes

Yellow or golden dark circles belong to the group of pigment dark circles . As often with this type of dark circles, their origin is in many cases hereditary . Nevertheless, if in doubt about the causes of yellow dark circles on your face, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. They may indeed be indicative of liver or gallbladder disease .

Although these dark circles are difficult to fade, continue to moisturize your eye contour daily to preserve your skin from aging. During the day, erase their yellowish coloring by applying a concealer high coverage . Choose cool undertones to neutralize golden undertones.

The causes of dark circles and their remedy

In most cases, dark circles are actually hollow circles. The causes of dark circles are generally aging and, more rarely, weight loss . Localized fat loss in the face causes the supporting tissues to sag and “hollow out” the underside of the eye. By optical effect with shadows and light, the area thus appears very dark, even black.

Cosmetics are powerless against this type of dark circles. If you want to get rid of it, you will have to go through cosmetic surgery . After researching the causes of dark circles, your specialist doctor may suggest injections of hyaluronic acid or fat to plump up your eye area .