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Make your own exfoliating soap

By making your homemade soap, you will be in contact with many natural and noble raw materials. By drawing on a huge range of natural additives and according to your inspiration, you can make a rich and natural homemade soap.

The choice of ingredients is important if you want to make a 100% natural homemade soap:

- Caustic soda will be essential for making the soap (powder or micro pearls).

- Extracted from plants, seeds or fruits by mechanical pressure, vegetable oils are essential.

- Essential oil is a highly concentrated natural distillation product. Follow the doses carefully. Essential oils have a double affinity for water and for fatty substances:they are water- and fat-soluble. Perfect for soap making.

- For the texture of the exfoliating soap, you are free to choose the components. You can add small organic materials like poppy seeds for making an extra exfoliating soap, adding larger seeds.

Very easy recipe:

Reduce three neutral bars of soap into strips using the peeler to facilitate the melting of the soap.

Melt the soap in the saucepan placed over low heat. Stir regularly, it is necessary to add a little water, but be careful, this makes the mixture foam without liquefying it.

Add very small amounts, gradually, stirring continuously. Make sure there are no pieces of soap left. The preparation remains pasty.

Remove from the heat, pour the equivalent of one small bowl of sound in the melted soap.

Stir the preparation to evenly distribute the bran in the soap. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to modify the smell (and the virtues) of your soaps. I use eucalyptus for an energizing smell and its antibacterial properties.

Fill the mold. Leave to dry for 6 to 12 hours.

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