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Firm the skin and tone your body before summer

Summer is coming and so are the photos of superb, muscular and cellulite-free models! Rest assured, we are not here to give you miracle tips that will make you lose two pounds in a week. For us, the important thing is to feel good in your body, in your movements and in your clothes. But, we're not going to lie to you, we also know that with winter and the many health restrictions due to Covid, we've all lost our physical shape a bit. So, we wanted to share with you our 9 tips for toning the body and firming the skin before summer !

Firm the skin and tone your body before summer

Get moving again!

The beautiful days are coming, the weather is nicer, the birds are singing... In short, we want to go out to enjoy the sun and the fresh air!

Firming the skin and toning your body doesn't have to mean running a marathon every week. Just move a little every day , through a one-hour walk for example. The goal is to get the body moving again and to wake up the muscles. Getting some fresh air is also good for oxygenating our lungs and brain, which have been strained for over a year. Breathing fresh air, listening to the sound of nature and getting out of our 4 walls and our work screen, it feels good!

If you are a fan of slightly more intense sports, treat yourself! Sports clubs should soon re-open, it's time to get back to it to strengthen your body. Whatever sport you like, be indulgent with yourself, when the body is at rest for a while, it takes time to wake up!

Practicing yoga or running sessions can also be a good idea to activate blood circulation . We know little about it, but cellulite and orange peel skin are also linked to poor blood circulation... It is therefore important to activate it with sports exercises and massages.

In any case, we must find an activity which, once or twice a week, allows us to work out and tone our skin !

Firm the skin and tone your body before summer

Drink plenty of water!

No matter what activity you choose, before, during and after you hydrate with water . Our muscles need it to function properly and to recover from a sports session, intense or not! As for our organs, they need them to function properly.

The skin is one of the emunctory organs of our body, so it is important to take care of it by combining sport, hydration, food and care !

A tailor-made homemade detox to tone your body!

Ah the detox … This word that we hear every year at the same times! The purpose of detox is to cleanse our body by depolluting our organs using a few simple gestures, without necessarily having to consult a specialist or starve yourself with juice-based skin detox.

Food, drinks (alcoholic or not), sleep time, sports activities are all elements of daily life that lead to an accumulation of toxins within our organs . But do you know what happens when our organs are tired? Well, they work in slow motion and have trouble managing the information sent to them. The consequences on the body can be seen quickly:hair loss, fatigue, bloated stomach, transit at half mast, imperfections, dull skin, etc. So to avoid this, we cleanse our body from time to time using a few simple gestures:

  • drink lemon juice in the morning to cleanse and stimulate the liver,
  • consume fruits and vegetables at all meals, preferably organic,
  • avoid industrial dishes,
  • drink water and cut out alcohol or sugary drinks for a while,
  • take a course of probiotics or natural food supplements to support our organs!

This detox is also ideal for regaining firm skin because it will rid the body of fat. It also helps to reduce cellulite and orange peel skin.

Firming the skin using cosmetics

Firm the skin and tone your body before summer

To detoxify and firm the skin in a way that is a little more focused on beauty and well-being, you can use gentle scrubs ! Based on rice powder, ground coffee, sugar and natural active ingredients, they have draining, smoothing and slimming effects. They help us eliminate dead skin and smooth the skin texture to find skin that is soft to the touch and to the sight.

Scrubs are also perfect for stimulating blood circulation and removing the fat responsible for cellulite ! They can be done once or twice a week for visible results.

If you are not very exfoliating, you can use natural fiber gloves (linen, hemp), a loofah or brushes with bamboo bristles. They have the same action as scrubs:exfoliation, elimination of dead skin, activation of lymphatic drainage and reduction of fat and cellulite.

A healthy and balanced diet

Firm the skin and tone your body before summer

Of course, all the actions presented above will not be useful without a balanced and varied diet ! At all meals, we must have on our plate:proteins (vegetable or animal), starchy foods (pasta, rice, wheat, etc.) and vegetables.

To ingest as many vitamins and minerals as possible, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

A little trick to avoid making your meals at the last minute:“batch cooking”! It's about cooking en masse when you have time in the week to have the most meals ready in advance. Thus, we avoid butter rosette sandwiches for lunch and cheese pasta in the evening!

You can also turn to light, nutritious and balanced recipes . Detox recipes, for example, offer dishes with foods with detoxifying power that will help our body eliminate fat for firmer and more toned skin.

Treat yourself to a salon treatment

Toning your body before summer can also be done by going to a massage institute! Whether after pregnancy to help the body regain its shape or to firm the skin, they are the little extra that combines relaxation and efficiency, in addition, you will come out with soft skin!

The detoxifying massage is particularly effective in relieving muscles, stimulating blood circulation, re-oxygenating the skin and restoring its suppleness.

The lymphatic drainage aims to stimulate the circulation of lymph in the body. Performed regularly, it is perfect for eliminating cellulite and feelings of heaviness.

Cure of supplements

Food supplements are our allies all year round! They are no exception to the rule when it comes to helping us get in shape before summer . The cures are multiple and accompany us on several levels:

  • liver detox
  • body drainage
  • flat stomach goal
  • probiotics, to support the intestinal flora
  • birch juice, ideal for limiting the expansion of cellulite.

The duration of the cures varies between 1 and 3 months and they can be consumed and renewed at any time.

Slimming and firming cream

We often say it:at NUOO we believe in in &out beauty ! For the “in”:food, food supplements and hydration. For the “out”:sport, massage, exfoliation and hydration.

Use creams or oils with astringent, energizing, stimulating, draining, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients . During application, take the time to massage your skin with circular gestures so that the active ingredients penetrate correctly.

Release the pressure!

Last but not least:release the pressure ! No matter your figure, you are beautiful. The important thing is to have a body that works and that takes us from point A to point B without a hitch. A body that allows us to dance, think and love! The size of the jeans doesn't matter and never will.

Do not hesitate to share your tips for firming your skin and toning your body!