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Condurango:the plant that regenerates the skin

At Veld's, cosmetic innovation is our credo, using natural and original ingredients. Among the plants for the skin, which contribute to its beauty and youth, the Condurango turns out to be very interesting. Coming straight from South America, Condurango is a plant that regenerates the skin, thanks to its cleansing and healing properties. Discover its history, its benefits, and our advice for integrating it into your skincare routine.

Plant for the skin:the little story of Condurango

Condurango is a plant native to the Andes Cordillera . It is a vine that can reach ten meters, which grows in the heights. The Condurango takes its name from the "Andean Condor", a diurnal bird that particularly likes to land on these vines. Above all, the Condor was one of the first to discover the virtues of the Condurango:he used it as a counter-poison in the event of a snakebite . A practice known to the surrounding peoples, which would still be practiced today.

Today, Condurango has made a name for itself in Western medicine and cosmetics. To benefit from its benefits, it is its bark that is used :it is dried, before being crushed, to be incorporated into various preparations. In the West, the recognized uses of Condurango are for stomach disorders and to relieve angular cheilitis. But this active has many virtues, and is also very interesting in cosmetic care, especially for skin with imperfections!

Detoxifying and purifying properties

When skin has imperfections, such as comedones or blackheads, the cause is often excess sebum . The latter clogs the pores, which creates an inflammation, then a pimple or a blackhead. In chronically blemish-prone skin, the presence of bacteria C (Cutibacterium Acnes) is also often identified. ).

Condurango can then be a very interesting plant for the skin. This active ingredient cleanses the skin , to detoxify it. It fights against toxins, but also against the presence of bacteria that could promote inflammation.

Condurango, the plant that regenerates the skin

What makes Condurango famous as a plant that regenerates the skin , these are its healing properties. Condurango contains a form of latex, which would nourish the skin, reinforce the hydrolipidic film and help small wounds to heal. This is what makes it the ally of skin with imperfections:it helps to resorb acne scars quickly, and regain smooth and comfortable skin.

Condurango in your Veld's skincare routine

Do you have combination to oily skin? Do you suffer from your imperfections? Do not panic, pimples and blackheads are not inevitable. By adopting a suitable skincare routine, you can prevent the appearance of imperfections .

Daily, cleanse your skin morning and evening with a treatment designed for combination to oily skin. Having a clean skin is the essential condition to be able to carry out other treatments. Once a week, exfoliate to remove the sebum encrusted in the pores , responsible for blackheads.

Finally, morning and evening, apply Pure Pulp Neo Beauty Restoring Gel. Emblematic Veld's treatment, it restores damaged and tired skin . Its Condurango-based formula helps plump the skin, heal imperfections, and limit the signs of aging. The skin becomes smooth and fresh again, and features are redefined.