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Winter:how to hydrate the skin without making it shine?

This is the nightmare of all combination and oily skin in winter:with the cold and the dry air, the skin feels tight and you can feel that it needs to be well hydrated. Except that… we almost manage to control the skin the rest of the time to be well without it shining and generally, more hydration =forehead which shines from 10 a.m. Here are five tips for adapting your moisturizing routine without compromising on dullness.

1/ Choosing the right cleanser

Let it be said:there is no point in overdoing it. We choose a gentle cleanser, which we use in the evening only. The goal is to remove make-up and dirt from the night, not the protective barrier that the skin has formed during the night (at the risk of seeing the epidermis produce twice as much sebum to compensate) . If you really feel the need to pass a cotton ball over your skin, you do it with just a spray of thermal water.

2/ Exfoliate the skin regularly

Applying great products to skin full of dead cells... it's useless. So we get into the habit of regularly exfoliating the epidermis. The best thing is to combine mechanical and enzymatic action. Thus, once a week, you can do an exfoliating mask (like the super Illuminating Exfoliating Mask with Ginseng and Chinese Rice from The Body Shop) and every two or three evenings, you slip in a treatment with glycolic acid (for example, Serum Sebium from Bioderma) under its night cream. Results ? The mattifying day care can work!

3/ Update your moisturizer

It is not enough to choose a richer cream for the winter. In fact, we stop on the list of ingredients:petrolatum and even coconut oil (coconut oil) can be too rich for the epidermis (even clog the pores). Better to opt for formulas with humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid that bring water to the skin without suffocating it. Good to know:applying more cream does not hydrate the skin better (it cannot absorb more than a certain amount of active ingredients).

4/ Change the way to apply the treatment

Like most people, do you apply your treatment from the center of the face outwards? Well, in the case of combination to oily skin, it doesn't have to be terrible. Indeed, this gesture deposits a maximum of product in the center of the face, i.e. the T zone (unless of course you take the time to stretch it well). Thus, it is better to apply the treatment on the outside of the face and massage it towards the center.

5/ Playing with facial oils

During the winter months, when the skin is really dry, you can also trick it by applying a few drops of face oil (such as Lotus Oil from Clarins or Rose+ Face Care Oil from Melvita) on the treatment. by day. This not only provides a boost of hydration, but also prevents water loss during the day. It is applied to dry areas, directly to the fingers.

So, who is going to have perfect skin this winter?