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Why is konjac your best friend?

After a quick tour of the editorial staff, we all agreed that the konjac sponge had become an essential natural accessory for any self-respecting beauty addict. It comes straight from Asia where it is very popular in food for its detox, appetite suppressant and slimming properties, but we especially love it in the skincare version. It is also found in several colors according to the needs of each type of skin. Recently, there are even some for the body and that's really the best!

Konjac, the new must-have

We tested our pink konjac to the drafting and we adopted it. Much wider than the originals, it has a smooth face and a ribbed one. Once passed under water it becomes soft and can be used alone, for example, after the shower to gently exfoliate the skin without risk of irritation or accompanied by your usual shower gel. In both cases it will smooth the skin, eliminate small dead cells, sebum and impurities, stimulate blood circulation and revive the skin's radiance.

The advantage of this product:it is with pink clay which is ideally recommended for mature, irritated or dull skin.
There are also several versions but mainly for the face:

  • The black is bamboo charcoal for oily and combination skin that is often prone to blemishes.
  • Yellow is made from yellow clay which is mainly used for sensitive and fragile skin such as blotches.
  • La verte is made with green clay for combination to oily skin because it has a purifying and rebalancing action. In particular, it facilitates wound healing.
  • Violet made from violet flowers for skin that tends to blush. It calms, relieves and softens.
  • The lipstick based on red clay which is well suited to damaged skin that is particularly sensitive to external aggressions.
    • And the basic white, without additions that will suit everyone.