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Vitalizing cream BIO Abellie, daily care day and night

We can never repeat it enough:the important thing to have beautiful skin is to moisturize it, twice a day:morning &evening. You have to take care of it on a daily basis with treatments adapted to your skin type:exfoliate - cleanse - moisturize, these are the basic rules.

Nature offers us a multitude of natural ingredients to take care of us on a daily basis. Bees, among other things, allow us to take advantage of products that offer us real moments of pleasure....

The ABELLIE revitalizing face cream, present in the BIO BelleauNaturel box for December, allows us to discover an ultra-gentle and very effective cream based on Royal Jelly and Honey...

Royal Jelly is a substance produced by bees that is naturally rich in B vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Research has shown the benefits of royal jelly and honey on the skin to soften and moisturize it, fight against skin aging, treat dry skin and strengthen nails and hair.

Honey meanwhile, rich in vitamins, mineral salts, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids gives cosmetics a unique, soft and pleasant texture. This nectar

Designed with organic ingredients, VITALIZING ABELLIE cream with the COSMEBIO label is very gentle and therefore perfectly suited to all skin types. Apply it on cleansed and dry skin (for this the konjac sponge also included this month in the BelleauNaturel box is perfect) and massaging gently to allow the cream to penetrate. Don't forget to moisturize your neck as well, which is one of the first indicators of signs of aging.

Core Assets:

  • Organic Royal Jelly:A Natural Anti-Aging Active
  • Organic aloe vera:has effective actions against skin aging and helps reduce skin tension. Soften the epidermis
  • Honey and beeswax:Protect the skin. It regains suppleness, comfort and radiance.

Selling price :

This ORGANIC cream is sold for 24.50 € in stores, while the BelleNaturel Box containing 5 essential ORGANIC products including ABELLIE cream is sold for 29.95 €... a superb deal and a perfect Christmas gift idea...

Take care of yourself,