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Nike dares banana slides, but will you dare to wear them?

Sock-slippers are now old school and fashion, without limit, turns today to banana-slippers!

If you want to be on top of the trend this summer, treat yourself to the banana sliders, a marriage between the sliders and the banana bag!

My darling, you are sublime!

Completely outdated, the waist bag made a strong comeback in 2017! Thus, the Nike brand wanted to invent a brand new hybrid concept, combining this little bag... and tap shoes! The famous banana slides, or Fanny Pack Slides have at least an original goal:you will have your keys, or your wallet at your feet, since a zippered pocket will be placed on the strap to hold your toes! These new slides will be available in three flash colors:green and blue, black and pink and gray and black, and would be the descendants of the Benassi JDI Slides , other brand slides.

For the moment, no date has been announced, we just know that they should be available for summer 2018. We can't wait to wear them on the beach, or by the pool... Or not!

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