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Alarming messages found in clothes at Zara

Clothes in a Zara store in Istanbul, Turkey, contained a tag with warning messages.

Customers of a Zara store in Istanbul had the unpleasant surprise of discovering alarming labels in clothes. It read the following message:"I made the item you are about to buy but I have not been paid for it" .

These few words come from the employees of the Bravo Tekstil textile factory which closed its doors on July 25, 2016, leaving employees without work and without resources. This factory made clothes for Zara, Mango and Next.

"Tell Zara to pay us"

"We haven't received our last three months' wages or our seniority bonuses. The factory was shut down overnight. Please tell Zara to pay us" , explain the employees.

This is not the first time that such labels have been found on clothing. In 2014, Primark customers found the words "Forced to work long hours" , on labels.