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What to do with overripe bananas?

As you may have seen in our previous article "don't throw away your used coffee or tea", we make it a point of honor to waste as little as possible. We believe that everything can have a second life for the greatest pleasure of our eyes or our taste buds, but also for useful purposes. Today we're going to show you everything you can do with overripe bananas.

Everything is kept in the banana

You have most certainly already been like us to find yourself in front of your black-skinned bananas that give you little desire. Well the good news is that there are always possibilities to use them in a roundabout way.

  • In the kitchen to start, you can easily make a delicious banana ice cream . You just have to crush them and mix them with a little vegetable milk. You can even have fun slightly modifying the taste with almond, hazelnut or soy milk. Since the bananas are very ripe, they are naturally sweet, but you can always add agave syrup to them. For a healthy touch, consider incorporating a little cinnamon, as this spice helps regulate blood sugar levels. Another advantage of bananas in cooking is that they can replace part of your eggs . Of course, it will leave a taste in your recipes so it is better not to use it for salty.

  • Have you ever heard of musatherapy ? This is the principle of using banana care, preferably ripe, for their nourishing property . These treatments are suitable for all skin types, but are particularly recommended for dry and mature skin. Reduced to a pulp alone or accompanied by olive oil, they will make a wonderful face mask or to beautify your hair making them soft.

  • The banana peel has all sorts of practical applications. It will help to calm the pain when you get sunburned or bitten by an insect. For all natural beauty addicts, the banana peel is your friend. By rubbing the inside on the nose, you will have your anti-blackhead care . Banana peel is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so you can use it as a natural fertilizer for your plants .