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April Health Tip:Alleviate Your Seasonal Allergies

The season that brings buds and greenery also comes with its share of seasonal allergies. It is still necessary to know how to recognize it and adopt the right gestures so as not to make it worse. In writing, we are lucky, no one does it when spring arrives. But if you already have a runny nose, repeated sneezing, itchy throat or itchy eyes, don't forget to say thank you to the little pollens.

A good thing to know is that hay fever can happen at any age, so here are some natural remedies that will allow you to protect yourself or relieve the allergy if it is already there.

What to do to alleviate seasonal allergy?

There are usually two solutions. Either you are desensitized, that is to say that we will treat evil with evil by bringing the allergen to your body so that it gets used to it and manages to defend itself. That said, it is a binding method and is followed for a long time. Either you opt for anti-histamines that will provide immediate relief, but work for a very short time.

For our part, we have opted for natural and practical solutions that will act as quickly as possible:

  • We thought in particular of the essential oils recommended in cases of allergic rhinitis and in general for respiratory problems such as eucalyptus radiata, aspic lavender or peppermint. Use in diffusion for 5 to 10 minutes by doing poses of at least 30 minutes between each diffusion.

  • Infusions made from rosemary, thyme, fennel or basil throughout the day can also provide some relief through their antiseptic and immune properties.

  • Favor anti-histamine foods rich in vitamin C and A such as citrus fruits, carrots, paprika, broccoli, peppers and kiwi.

  • And on the side of food supplements, you can count on ginger, spirulina and acerola which regulates histamine levels.

With all this, vacuuming regularly is an additional guarantee of protection and you should avoid drying your laundry outside so as not to bring pollen particles back with you.