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Umaï, a brand with impact

You probably saw her a few months ago during her successful Ulula crowdfunding campaign... Umaï, an impact brand and its solid shampoo that wants to change the world! We are more than delighted to announce that this small French brand with a strong character has joined the NUOO adventure. We tell you everything about this shampoo that will change everything.

Umaï, a brand with impact

Umaï is a brand born in the Center region (like NUOO!) and resulting from the meeting between four personalities:Angéline, Célia, Emeric and Sara. Coming from research in cosmetics, ingenious and experts in sustainable development, what unites them above all is their passion for Nature. And we cannot miss everything that is happening in our world in ecological terms. Unable to resign themselves to letting the environment and nature deteriorate too quickly, these four slightly crazy dreamers set out to put their passion at the service of the planet to make things happen.

Umaï, a brand with impact

Ecological and sustainable development at the heart of Umaï

For Angéline, Célia, Emeric and Sara, changing things can go through an everyday product:shampoo. And this, through various observations and an approach that is always eco-responsible. First, a product responsible for its ingredients, always natural and without having to be brought back from the other side of the world. Then, a healthy product for the body and the environment, without superfluity. Finally, a zero waste product with "plantable" packaging.

"At Umaï, we have decided not to wait to change things. Every day we fight to leave nothing to chance and contribute to making our daily care more sustainable. To contribute to making the cosmetics industry a little more responsible every day. That's impact cosmetics."

Umaï's solid shampoo

Free of allergens and essential oils, Umaï's mild solid shampoo takes care of all hair types, with each wash, thanks to its formula made up of 11 natural and organic ingredients. Plum butter nourishes the hair, makes it shine and provides a creamy texture. Corn starch gently absorbs excess sebum, organic rosemary plays its role as a natural antioxidant and vegetable glycerin hydrates the hair fiber for silky and light hair. The Umaï gentle solid shampoo contains 3 times fewer ingredients than a classic shampoo while displaying a longer shelf life (3 to 4 months depending on the frequency of use).

The zero-waste idea that is good for the planet :the shampoo packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, 100% biodegradable and it hides… basil seeds!

So, we can only adore Umaï, an impact brand, which is good for the body, for the environment and which wants to change the world!

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