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Beauty recipe:a repairing shampoo with honey

The ingredients.

150 ml of neutral cleansing base (€4.50 at Aroma Zone) + 45 drops of grapefruit essential oil (€12.50 at Nature et Découvertes) + 1 tbsp. at s. liquid honey.

Their (great) virtues.

Honey repairs and softens the hair fiber. Grapefruit tones and makes the mane shine. The neutral cleansing base washes the hair, binds the honey and essential oil and creates... foam! But yes!

Get to work!

1/ In a salad bowl, mix the cleansing base and the grapefruit essential oil.

2/ Add the liquid honey and mix well until you obtain a uniform smooth preparation.

3/ Apply the shampoo to wet hair, emulsify then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Up to 3 months, in a hermetically sealed bottle.

Thanks to Tiphanie Carbonier, cosmetic formulation expert for Aroma-Zone.