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Beauty recipe:a complexion radiance cream with Orange Blossom

A symbol of virginity, the orange blossom is picked from the Bigaradier, the bitter orange tree. His second nickname? The Neroli. Toning, refreshing, antibacterial and soothing, it is particularly good at restoring radiance to dull and tired complexions. It is suitable for sensitive, dry-prone skin.

Ingredients and tools:

• 100 ml of Organic Neutral Cream (Aroma-Zone)

• 20 drops of Neroli or Orange Blossom essential oil

• A dropper

• A bowl and a small whisk


Take the cream out of the bottle using the pipette and put it in the bowl. Add essential oil. Whisk gently. And put back in the bottle with the pipette.

Shelf life:6 months

Recipe concocted by Tiphanie Carbonnier of Aroma-Zone