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MÊME, the skincare brand dedicated to women with cancer

Women with cancer have much more fragile skin than others, more sensitive to controversial ingredients including endocrine disruptors present in many cosmetic products. It is therefore complicated for women affected by cancer to take care of themselves, whether we are talking about “simply” moisturizing their skin or applying makeup. At the same time, it is difficult to be comfortable with your femininity, which is important in this ordeal, especially when you know that 64% of women with cancer feel less good about themselves (according to a study by the Leon Berard Center ) and that 2 out of 3 women believe that the physical changes linked to the disease have an impact on their life as women (figure taken from the Institut Curie Vivavoice barometer). It is to face these difficulties that MÊME was created in 2015. The brand offers care and cosmetic products adapted to the needs of women undergoing treatment. The products have all been designed in collaboration with oncologists and dermatologists. Whether skincare or makeup products, they are all made in France and composed on average of 96% ingredients of natural origin. And obviously, there is no trace of controversial component (for example no essential oils, since they are contraindicated in the case of cancer). The brand has made the results of its clinical study, its formulation charter and the list of members of its scientific committee available, for the sake of transparency. For each product, the complete list of ingredients is provided and by passing our mouse (or by clicking with our finger if we are on a smartphone) we can know the source and the function of the ingredient!

15 products for all needs

With sober (white with a few touches of pale pink) and very feminine packaging, MÊME currently offers 15 products that each meet different needs. There is thus a mist to nourish and soothe the scalp (with apricot kernel oil, organic calendula extract and camellia japonica oil), a moisturizing face cream (with shea butter, allantoin and camellia japonica oil) and for the body (composed of organic aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil and organic lime blossom honey). To complete the range, a make-up remover, a solvent, care for nails, hands and feet, as well as a cleansing oil for the body have also been designed based on natural ingredients that respect skin weakened by treatments. against cancer. On the makeup side, the brand offers a BB cream (based on organic oat extract, vitamin E and mineral pigments), as well as silicon-based nail polishes (paraben-free, phthalate-free, benzophenone-free , without heavy metals…), to strengthen weakened nails while providing color (in pink and red tones). MÊME is also committed to cancer research, since since last year, 1% of its turnover has been donated to the Unicancer network, which brings together the 18 cancer centers. The brand also supports the Echappée Rose, the first itinerant well-being institute for hospitalized women (created on the initiative of Tout le Monde Contre le Cancer and Eau Thermale Avène), by providing it with numerous products. /P>

Whether for you or for a loved one with cancer, MÊME products are the perfect gift to reconnect with your body and your femininity. The products are sold on the brand's website and in more than 2,220 pharmacies, ranging from €8.90 for the polishes to €24.90 for the scalp mist.