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We fell in love with The Ordinary, the expert skincare brand at a low price

There are brands that click when you say their name in front of beauty fans. Among them is The Ordinary. If this name means nothing to you, it is because the brand is quite new on the French market and does not advertise. Launched in 2016 by Brandon Truaxe, it belongs to the Deciem group (which brings together 10 skincare brands for the body, face and hair). His particuliarity ? The Ordinary offers recognized active ingredients in skincare at an optimal concentration and in refined formulas (without being totally clean, they minimize the use of controversial ingredients and offer the shortest possible list of ingredients). The Canadian brand has been cruelty-free since its inception (it's written on the packaging:"tested on humans") and all the treatments are offered at very reasonable prices (serums start at €3.60 and the product most expensive is €28.90, while most don't exceed €10).

An expert brand

The concept of The Ordinary is therefore to offer the active ingredients individually or in very short formulas (only the "Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%" is a complete treatment, it is also the most expensive of the brand ), unlike brands that offer complete formulas or target a skin type/problem. The idea? Give the skin only what it needs and be able to adjust your routine according to variations in it. You can therefore choose to moisturize the epidermis, while performing a gentle exfoliation and regulating sebum, thanks to 3 products. In addition, the products are often offered in different dosages (especially acids), so that they can be used by all skin types. Only problem ? For people unfamiliar with skincare, the brand can be intimidating. It's hard to know what oil, acid or peptide our skin needs when you're not really interested in skincare and facial products. Fortunately, on each product sheet (in English for now, but the VF should arrive soon), the properties of each ingredient are described, as well as the recommended combinations or possible contraindications.

Purifying serum (with niacinamide), eye contour (with caffeine), cleanser (with squalane)… We tested several products and we totally endorse The Ordinary, a brand that is anything but ordinary!