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eSalon, the online service that is revolutionizing home coloring

All those who have already done a color at home know it:it's complicated. And we are not talking (only) about the application, but rather about the quest for the right color (the names used by the brands are sometimes obscure as to the result they offer). Obviously, we would like to have the same color and shine of the hair of the model in the photo, but depending on her base color, the percentage of white hair, etc., it is not necessarily that. Simplify coloring at home and offer a result worthy of a hair salon, this is the promise of the eSalon site. Concretely, we start with an online diagnosis, with a precise questionnaire (what is our natural color? Current? What do we want to obtain and avoid (shade and reflections)? What is the nature of our hair? we have a lot of gray hair? etc.), easy to fill in because there are photos that illustrate the shades and we can send our own (it avoids saying that we are brunette when we are dark blond). The real added value is that we don't argue with a machine:it's a colorist who receives our diagnosis, to whom we can add instructions and share our "coloring" past, and it's him which will translate our desires into a personalized formula.

A subscription-based service

The colourist's diagnosis then passes into "Polly", the dispensing machine which doses the pigments and reflections in order to precisely achieve the colouring. Since its launch, it has already created more than 194,000 unique formulas, which shows the level of customization possible! And when we play the game by sending photos and giving as much detail as possible (condition of the hair, amount of gray hair, etc.), the margin of error is minimal. The coloring system is offered individually or by subscription, at the frequency that suits us. Between two colorings, we can obviously change the formula by contacting our colorist. We receive our personalized kit in our name in a few days, which contains the coloring formula and the developer (which "creates" the color), 2 pairs of gloves, an applicator brush, a single-dose shampoo and conditioner, stain-removing ointment to apply to the contour of the face and a cleansing wipe, but above all personalized instructions, where the steps and pause times are adapted to the desired result. Well thought out, right? In the United States, where it has existed for several years, the service has already received numerous prestigious awards.

The eSalon bespoke color service is offered as a trial offer at €10, then at €25 per order, or €20 if you choose the Color Subscription. The latter is modifiable and cancellable at any time. We try ? We say yes!