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Hairstyle:what cut to ask your hairdresser according to the shape of your face?

In order to find HIS haircut, taking into consideration the shape of his face is fundamental. Because it is a question here of a search for harmony so that you are even more beautiful.

Your face is round

First one thing! If the length from the chin to the forehead is almost the same as the length between your two ears, consider that you have a round face.

Now the risk for this type of baby face with soft curves is to opt for a cut that will round your cheeks and give a balloon effect to your face. No ! To refine a rounded face, it is better to choose a mid-length cut, above or at the shoulders. Also bet for volume on the top of the head but not on the sides. The goal is to seek verticality.

Your face is oval

If the length between your forehead and chin is roughly twice its width, your face is oval.

Good news, this is one of the easiest to highlight! All cuts suit you. Long or mid-length hair, short, unstructured and even boyish haircuts can enhance your features. Be careful, however, in the event of a long cut, to ask your hairdresser that the gradient begins at the level of the cheekbones, to avoid lengthening your face too much.

Your face is square

Your face is very well proportioned, but unlike round faces you have straighter features, a more defined jawline and cheekbones? Look no further, it's square.

Big advantage, your forehead and your chin are about the same size, same for the length and the width of your face; so for this type of morphology, a bob more or less long but plunging forward and styled-disheveled is particularly suitable.

Your face is elongated

You have a large forehead, a long and thin chin and the length of your face is therefore more important than its width...your face is therefore elongated.

Just like the oval face, it can be styled in several styles. But the mid-length cut is the most appropriate because it will not accentuate the length of your face. And do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser to give volume to the sides. In short, fuzzy, unstructured cuts will suit you perfectly.