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Hairstyle:here is the TikTok trick to successfully cut your curtain bangs on your own!

Than the one who has never tried cutting her hair alone raise your hand! For lack of time or because we had a traumatic experience at the hairdresser, we have already improvised hairdresser . To cut the ends , tomake a color or cut his bangs. And let's face it, the result has not always been famous. But since the curtain fringe appeared, not a month goes by without thinking that it would still be a good idea to have one.

The curtain fringe, the hairstyle that has it all!

Indeed, curtain bangs add style and give an instant styled effect . Whether you have very long hair or a bob, straight or curly hair , blond or red, curtain bangs adapt to all styles . And if he is very quick to get it done, his regrowth is just as fast. Its port therefore requires regular maintenance , which we do not always want to undertake. We are therefore very tempted to make your bangs alone . But beware, the curtain fringe is not a classic fringe, its cut therefore requires more care . Thanks to the account of a TikTok user, the procedure seems very simple. You will only need a good pair of scissors and focus. Follow the guide!