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Your appointment at the hairdresser online with

Nowadays, afford the luxury of having your hair done at reasonable prices is it still possible?

At a time when technical innovations continue to multiply in salons, the cost of a visit to the hairdresser for us women is becoming higher and higher. We would sometimes dream of reducing our rating by half, but that seems illusory. However, this is the promise of the online booking platform, LeCiseau! Benefit from 50% discount in professional hairdressing salons by making an appointment during off-peak hours.

We tested the concept, and it works! The prices defy all competition for an equal service in terms of quality!

So how LeCiseau works ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this online reservation system?

What is

LeCiseau is an online booking site specializing in making appointments in your hairdressing salons.

What service can I book with LeCiseau?

  • Men's cut
  • Kids cut
  • Barber
  • Women's Cut
  • Coloring
  • Scan
  • Wick
  • Ombre Hair/ Tye &Dye
  • Smoothing / straightening
  • Brush
  • Hair styling
  • Permanent
  • Afro hairstyle
  • Extensions
  • Care

How is the appointment made?

Once you have found the service of your dreams as well as the desired time slot, all you have to do is register your details and pay the amount of your service online. All you have to do is go to your appointment and relax.

Why book an appointment via LeCiseau?

Benefit from a good price plan

By booking through the LeCiseau online platform, you will get a 50% discount in the hair salon where you made your appointment, whatever the service.

How do I get a promo code?

No need for a promotional code since all the services offered are at least 50%.

No hidden vices behind promotions. The agreement between LeCiseau and the hairdresser partners is based on the possibility of filling the off-peak hours of the salon. Thus, the professional does not lose any slot and will prefer to bring in a new client with a promoted service rather than keeping the slot empty. So rest easy and take full advantage of this advantage. When we know that the average basket for a service at the hairdresser is around 70 € for a cut, a brushing and a color, a 50% reduction on the bill is therefore not negligible.

Saving time with online appointment scheduling

These days, you don't waste time trying to reach your hair salon several times a day to book a slot. We want to go fast and save time at all costs! This is also the great boom in online booking . Whether you want to buy a train ticket, a plane ticket, make an appointment for a massage, book a vacation rental or even make an emergency appointment with a general practitioner, you no longer hesitate to go by the many online platforms that offer this simple, fast and free system. offers via its website and its mobile application, the possibility of booking an appointment very quickly online. You can search by City, by available time slots and even by type of service.

You are looking for a service LeCiseau in Lyon tomorrow morning? In a few minutes, you will have the list of partner hairdressers available around you.

Same thing if you want to move your appointment! No need to call to notify, just log on to the LeCiseau mobile app and choose a new time slot. However, be sure to change your appointment 24 hours before the start of it.

A hairstyle guarantee thanks to LeCiseau reimbursement

Who has never been disappointed with their performance at the hairdresser? Hair cut too short, color too pronounced, failed performance... We have all had the terrible experience of leaving our meeting annoyed and promising never to set foot in this establishment again.

In order to overcome any dissatisfaction and to prove the quality of the services offered by its partner salons, LeCiseau has set up the possibility of obtaining a Refund in case of dissatisfaction.

This guarantee is more than appreciable when you don't necessarily know where you're going. But is the service really easy to get reimbursed?

On its site, LeCiseau specifies the conditions for obtaining a refund:

  • "Manifest defect in the service, in particular due to non-compliance with the rules of the trade".
  • "Clear and serious error on the color applied or on the length of the haircut resulting in an "objectively" failed result".
  • “Result of curling, straightening, waving, perming or straightening not in accordance with the rules of the art”.
  • Have completed a reimbursement request form within 72 hours of the appointment

If the claim is accepted, you will get a promo code allowing you to make a new appointment on the platform.

Our opinion on

Why did we like making an appointment via

  • Time saving :already addicted to making appointments online for the various appointments with the doctor or with specialists, it must be said that the principle is really practical! one available tomorrow in the morning and hop you can access the availability of hair salons near you in a few clicks.
  • The 50% discount :we will admit, the bill for a session at the hairdresser is more and more full-bodied! As long as you have long and colored hair then the price increases and we show very quickly at amounts around 100 €. As a result, we really appreciated benefiting from our service at half price!
  • Discovering new addresses :unless you already have a regular hairdresser that you can't separate from, what's nice about the concept is also being able to discover the partner salons. We were surprised by the quality of the partner hair salons.
  • An intuitive app and easy to use:in a few minutes you can access the availabilities of lounges etc.

What we liked less

  • The difficulty of defining the need in terms of technical services alone behind one's screen. For example, we didn't know exactly whether to choose the balayage, highlights or ombré hair service. This reservation system is therefore ideal for a person who is used to always doing the same thing. Otherwise, you still have to take care to choose the right service at the risk of paying too much online and not getting a refund once there.
  • We must be careful to specify the length of our hair so as not to have any surprises on the final price. If in doubt, be sure to choose the cheapest service, even if it means adding a supplement on site. Better that than the other way around.

In summary, a very positive experience. Even if sometimes it is difficult to know which service to choose in the event of techniques to be carried out, the time saved by making an appointment online and the final price of the bill is really worth the detour. And you, will you be tempted by