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Choose your glasses according to your face shape

Have you noticed that some very attractive pairs of glasses in store windows are no longer so once you try them on?

Unfortunately, we can't always choose the pair of glasses we flashed on. Some frames are sometimes unsuitable for our face shape.

If you want to know which style of glasses is right for you , so you just have to learn to recognize the shape of your face.

Here's a comprehensive guide to choosing the right pair of glasses for your face shape.

The different shapes of glasses

There is a huge selection of pairs of glasses.

Here is the list of different shapes of glasses that we find most often:

  • butterfly glasses
  • round glasses
  • oval glasses
  • Pantos glasses
  • square glasses
  • rectangular glasses
  • aviator glasses
  • Wayfarer glasses
  • hex glasses
  • goggles
  • Clubmaster glasses

Determine the shape of your face to choose your pair of glasses

To determine which pair of glasses will suit you best, you will have to analyze the shape of your face. Start by tying up your hair and taking a close look at yourself in the mirror. Examine your face shape and analyze your curves, features etc.

Here are the seven most common face shapes and the type of glasses frames that best suit each shape:

Oval face shape

The oval shape of the face is considered ideal due to its very well-balanced proportions.

This face shape is a bit rounded but with fine features. The cheekbones are well marked. Thanks to its beautiful proportions, oval faces can afford all kinds of styles of glasses. From classic shapes to the most original shapes, you are spoiled for choice.

What shape of glasses for an oval face?

  • To highlight the already existing natural balance of the oval face, you must choose glasses frames at least as wide as the widest part of your face so do not take them too narrow
  • Treat yourself and choose the style that suits you
  • Butterfly frames or rectangular frames fit the shape of oval faces perfectly

The square-shaped face

The particularity of square faces lies in their wide forehead and their particularly marked jawline. Length and width are approximately of equal proportion.

Objective:to give a softer appearance to the face as a whole

What shape of glasses for a square face?

  • Butterfly glasses
  • Panto glasses
  • Oval glasses
  • Round Glasses
  • Aviator glasses
  • Wayfarer Goggles
  • Thin branches will make you look less harsh
  • Rather narrow frames
  • The width of your glasses is important and should be smaller than the width of your face

Round face shape

A round face shape has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angle. The cheekbones and chin are rounded.

Goal:give a thinner look to your round face by refining your features thanks to your mount.

What shape of glasses for a round face?

  • Glasses with narrow, angular frames
  • Glasses with a more light-colored or transparent bridge between your eyes
  • Geometric and stretched shapes
  • Square glasses
  • Rectangular glasses
  • Aviator glasses
  • Wayfarer glasses
  • Clubmaster glasses

Triangle shape

Triangle-shaped faces are easily identifiable but quite rare. It is the opposite of the inverted triangle faces that we will see just next. The forehead is rather narrow while the lower part of the face is rounded and widened with a chin that stands out well, as well as the cheekbones and the jaws that stand out.

Objective:soften the lower part of the face by highlighting the eyes

What shape of glasses for a triangle face?

  • Glasses to frames with details on the upper part:for example a colored eyebrow line
  • Wide frames
  • Butterfly-shaped glasses
  • Oval glasses
  • Wayfarer glasses
  • Pantos glasses
  • Aviator glasses

Down triangle or inverted triangle

This shape reverses to the upward triangle. The forehead is wide and the bottom of the face thin. The cheekbones are not very marked.

Objective:give width to the bottom of the face

What shape of glasses for an inverted triangle face?

  • Glasses with colored frames
  • Glasses with frames with details on the upper part
  • Glasses with thin frames
  • Butterfly glasses
  • Round glasses
  • Pantos glasses

Shaped face heart

A heart-shaped face has a forehead that is wider than the lower part of the face, which gradually gets thinner.

What shape of glasses for an oval face?

  • Narrow frames in light colors
  • Wayfarer glasses
  • Oval glasses
  • Rectangular glasses
  • Thin frames
The oblong face shape

An oblong face is a shape you recognize because the face is longer than it is wide. It is sometimes difficult to identify it because it can be confused with other shapes such as rectangular or oval faces. Note that oblong facial features are thinner than other face shapes. The forehead is high.

Objective:make the face shorter

What shape of glasses for an oblong face?

  • Wide frames
  • Patterned or colored glasses
  • Patterned temples to add volume to the sides
  • Square or rectangular glasses
  • Butterfly glasses
  • Aviator glasses
  • Wayfarer glasses

Now you are ready to find the pair of glasses that will make you beautiful and confident in the eyes of all. Don't forget to have fun and dare to try different models! Happy shopping.