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Does your vagina get wrinkles as you age?

Does your vagina get wrinkles as you age?

It's already a bit of a wrinkly affair down under. So what about when you get older? Will your vagina get (even) more wrinkles?

Everyone has wrinkles and that's good news

Everyone has wrinkles down under and that's a good thing. Wrinkles are a sign of elasticity. The wrinkles allow your vagina to stretch and that makes sex better. These wrinkles also come in very handy during childbirth. The question is:will you get vagina wrinkles as you get older?

The only place where wrinkles disappear

Now comes the twist of the story:some women actually get fewer wrinkles around their vagina as they get older. The menopause lowers the estrogen level, as a result your vagina is dryer can reduce wrinkles. But in this case, less wrinkles is not necessarily a positive.


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