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Healthy glow effect:top 8 for a tanned complexion all year round

“ What fresh, radiant and rested skin! “Do you hear these compliments thrown at you in the distance? Looking good in all circumstances is the assurance of good morale. So, finished the gray mine! From now on, you can wear the tanned and luminous complexion of a summer in the sun all year round.

Why does your skin lack radiance?

A little too often for your taste, your loved ones ask you if you got sick, or if you had a bad night. A direct consequence of dull, lackluster skin!

Know that your skin is put to the test every day. Indeed, the gray complexion is caused by many factors:stress, pollution, cold or a diet that is a little too rich . Elements that tend to create an imbalance of the hydrolipidic film, drying out the skin, or on the contrary, producing a surplus of sebum in the face of aggressions.

The skin tissue is then more sensitive, more vulnerable, and it more easily absorbs toxins and impurities . These block the penetration of light into the skin, which makes the complexion gray and tired . But since when it comes to beauty, nothing is inevitable, Veld's reveals its 8 secrets to you for a guaranteed healthy glow!

8 beauty tips to look good

1. A wake-up call for an awakened complexion

When the alarm clock rings, it is with swollen eyes and the mark of the pillow that you prepare the coffee. To boost your skin, nothing like a good jet of cold water on the face , to get the day off to a good start. This deflates the skin, while tightening the pores. Once your skin is dry and clean, take the opportunity to massage it by applying your moisturizer:the practice of self-massage helps restore color by stimulating microcirculation and tissue oxygenation.

2. Cleansed and exfoliated skin to banish dullness

We can never repeat it enough:cleaning your skin every day is essential! Morning and evening, rinse with clean water before using a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Before going to bed, always take the time to remove your make-up. Thus, you eliminate all the toxins accumulated during the day, to find clear and healthy skin.

Indeed, the skin regenerates while you sleep . It would be a shame if pollution, makeup residue or perspiration prevented your skin from breathing and recharging properly. In order to remove dead skin and toxins lodged in depth, do not hesitate to use an exfoliating treatment once or twice a week. A good exfoliation is your best ally to tighten pores and display a unified and dapper complexion!

3. A fresh complexion thanks to good hydration

Redness, fine lines, and skin dryness make your complexion look dull and tired. This is the consequence of the external aggressions suffered by your skin every day. By moisturizing it, you help strengthen its protective shield, better known as the hydrolipidic film . It makes your skin more resistant to UV rays, pollution and temperature variations , thus preventing skin aging.

To avoid skin dryness, the ideal is to drink enough water to hydrate the skin from the inside. At the same time, hydrate your skin morning and evening with appropriate care:

  • In the morning, opt for a good-looking moisturizer, like our Pure Pulp Glow treatment, to have a good base for your complexion.
  • In the evening, opt for a deep moisturizing cream like our Age 2 cream O, which will allow the skin to fully regenerate, so you can wake up the next day with firm and luminous skin, glowing with health!

4. Eye contour:a healthy glow at first sight

Not everyone has the luxury of going to bed at a reasonable hour, or enjoying long nights of restful sleep! It is well known that in an ideal sleep cycle, you should sleep at least 8 hours a night. When the alarm clock rings too early, puffiness and dark circles blur the complexion and make the face look tired.

The eye contour is the first area affected by skin dryness. It marks easily, and quickly turns purplish grey. To awaken the eyes and display a rested and luminous look , we have designed a complete range of Eye Magic eye contour care products. They decongest and illuminate the eye contour, to hide dark circles in the blink of an eye.

5. A diet rich in beta-carotene

Why do you think carrots look good? Because they contain beta-carotene, a plant pigment at the origin of vitamin A . This is the secret to golden, tanned skin. You find it in particular in pumpkin, apricot, sweet potato or mango. To consume without moderation!

6. Tanned skin all year round

This is summer, idleness, the rays of the sun that warm your skin... In short, happiness! If the sun gives you plenty of vitamin D, it is also a great help to regain a healthy glow.

Before the summer season, remember to nourish your skin and moisturize it well, in order to even out your tan and guarantee it a good hold, for a tanned complexion all year round! To tan safely and maintain your tan until next winter, discover our guide “How to properly prepare your skin for the sun”.

7. A perfect complexion thanks to make-up

To present a perfect complexion all day long, the “base” of make-up is very important. Before applying your foundation, bet on our beauty restoring gel, Pure Pulp Neo to strengthen the skin and even out the complexion.

Then, apply a suitable concealer and foundation to your skin tone. To give your complexion a healthy glow, play with sun powder and apply a small touch of blush on the cheeks . There you go, a pretty peach skin!

To illuminate your face , a little highlighter or pearly eyeshadow, placed in the inner corner of the eye, will reflect the light for a sparkling look. And to finish on a high note, a nude or rosewood lipstick will sublimate your complexion in no time.

8. An irreproachable lifestyle (or almost)

The skin reflects the state of your health! So, to look good all year round, take time for yourself and adopt a healthy lifestyle :

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Enjoy restful sleep and a regular sleep cycle
  • Practice a sports activity
  • Avoid (if possible) tobacco and alcohol

With small daily efforts, your skin will thank you for taking care of it!