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I want a chignon bun!

Accessories to create a chignon bun

To obtain a very round chignon bun and all in volume, some accessories are essential. You will therefore need a brush and a comb to properly smooth your hair and overcome flyaways. You will also need some bobby pins and a rubber band to hold your hairstyle. And, of course, impossible to achieve a perfect chignon bun without the famous chignon bun, this foam pudding in the shape of a donut. For an impeccable and more discreet result, choose a bun in a color that approaches that of your hair. The bun comes in several sizes:the bigger it is, the bigger the bun will be. The size of the bun must therefore be adapted to the thickness of your hair.

The steps to follow to achieve this hairstyle

The first thing to do to create a bun without false notes is to style on damp hair to create volume. When the hair is completely dry, remove the rollers and pull your hair into a tight, high ponytail. Warning:use the brush to get perfectly smooth hair on the top of the head, on the sides and at the back. A bumpy bun is not a real star hairstyle! Then thread the foam donut into the ponytail, then wrap the strands of this ponytail over the accessory to completely cover it. Again, smooth each strand well with a comb. Fix your hairstyle with pins that you place under the donut for an invisible result. And, for a hairstyle that lasts all night, don't skip hairspray (for the holidays, dare to use glitter hairspray for 100% glamorous hair)!

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