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I'm round, how do I dress?

Dress when you are round, the miracle clothes

Yes, they exist! These clothes are able to dress almost all round body shapes without discomfort. Go for high-waisted pants to shape your hips and buttocks:avoid shapes that are too wide and if your thighs bother you, combine a long top with a slim shape. Side skirt, long petticoat, fluid trapeze skirt or pencil skirt are your friends. Soft shirts and long tunics will never let you down, plain or printed. The glamor of the wrap dress, meanwhile, has been dressing up plus-size girls for decades. Finally, think about accessories! Dare to wear voluminous jewellery, emphasize your waist with wide belts or your hips with slimmer ones.

Dressing when you are plump, slimming tips

You are round, but would prefer to be thinner? Forget clothes that are too loose, you would get the opposite effect. Memorize an essential rule:wide shape at the bottom, fitted at the top, and vice versa. With a cozy sweatshirt, the pants will be fitted or the pencil skirt, and with a long petticoat, the sweater will be fitted or the T-shirt tucked in. If you prefer to hide your curves, opt for blurring:a filmy belted tunic, black leggings and a chunky necklace. One last tip? Play with contrasts:silk shirt and raw denim, long dress and perfecto, printed shirt and sober leggings.

Dressing when you're plump, tips that sublimate

You are beautiful and round and you are proud of it. To turn each curve into an asset, dress up your strengths! Identify the part of your body with which you are most satisfied:generous chest, slim waist, shapely legs? A simple detail is enough to draw attention to it. V-neck, wide belt, slim jeans… Place embroideries, prints or strong details on these assets. Finally, no question of forbidding the color! Again, it is simply placed in the most strategic places.