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This is how you prepare your skin and hair for spring

This is how you prepare your skin and hair for spring

Soon it will be spring! But our skin and hair have had a hard time because of the winter. How do you prepare them for spring?

Research shows that the skin of women in countries far from the equator is more likely to visibly suffer from weather conditions, especially during long winters. Fissures, dry or red skin are ailments that you prefer to leave behind in the winter. Time to take good care of your skin and prepare it for spring.

1. Soft hands

Although the sun shines more and more during the day, the temperatures are sometimes still low. Wear gloves to protect your hands, especially if you're riding your bike first thing in the morning. Take good care of your hands by regularly rubbing them with hand cream during the day.

2. Tips to keep your hair in check

Rub a dryer sheet over your hair to reduce static. It is better to use a wooden comb than a plastic brush, because plastic makes your hair even more statically charged. Do you suffer from dry hair? You could try washing your hair less often, but there is more you can do for dry hair.

3. Tips for soft lips

Try not to lick your lips, it dries them out even more. If you use lip balm, choose a nourishing formula without fragrance or taste.

4. Tips against tear eyes

Cold and harsh wind can provoke tearful eyes, but your eyes also react to dry air due to the heating. Drink enough water to maintain the fluid balance in your body. Hang a humidifier in the house to make the air less dry. Do you really suffer from tear eyes? Drop your eyes.

5. Take care of your dry skin

We would rather get rid of skins on your lower legs and dry elbows than rich. Be kind to your skin:don't shower too hot, avoid products with alcohol and perfume and exfoliate instead of exfoliating. More tips against dry skin.