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Styling tip:which shoes go with which skirt or dress

Shoes can make or break your outfit. However, it can be quite difficult to find the right shoe for a skirt or dress. That's why this styling tip:which shoes go with which skirt or dress.

Go out well dressed

The saying "Clothes make the man" doesn't just apply to a man. Even as a woman you want to go out well dressed. That starts with choosing the right outfit and ends with choosing the right shoes. Fortunately, dressing trendy doesn't have to be expensive. At supersales you will find the best offers of, among other things, women's and men's fashion. With a few clicks you will find that one nice dress, boots or jacket at a competitive price.

Styling tip:which shoes go with which skirt or dress?

A skirt or dress is always possible regardless of the season. Keep in mind that the choice of skirt suits your body shape. When you've got your outfit together, it's time for the last choice:the shoes. The right shoes can ensure that your outfit gets that little bit extra, so that you are really taken care of down to the last detail.

1. Shoes that suit the occasion

To get straight to the point:the most important thing when choosing shoes is of course the occasion. If it concerns a business occasion, the choice must be modest and modest, unless indicated otherwise. But in principle you choose a refined model such as a pump with a small heel.

Is it a party or a wedding? Then your shoes can also be seen. Not only in terms of the model, but also the colors and possibly prints. Do you dive into town with your mother or a few friends for an afternoon of shopping? Then it might be useful to opt for more comfort. This is possible with sneakers, flat shoes or comfortable Dr. Martens.

The most important question to ask yourself if you want to combine a skirt or dress with shoes is:where am I going and do the shoes offer enough comfort to do this?

2. Do flat shoes go with a skirt or dress?

The answer is a resounding YES! If you choose flat shoes, it is very important to know which skirt or dress length suits you. This is to prevent you from appearing (even) shorter than you may be by choosing your shoes.

Do you want to combine flat shoes with a skirt or dress? Then ballerinas and pumps are a good choice. The long foot cleavage makes your legs appear longer. This also applies to flat shoes with a pointy nose. Despite the fact that these are flat shoes. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice when it comes to ballerinas and pumps. So you can fully indulge yourself in prints and colours.

Sneakers, biker boots and over-the-knee boots without heels can also be perfectly combined with a skirt or dress. If you combine these tone-on-tones with the right tights, you will look much taller.

Flat shoes work best with a mini skirt or mini dress. That also applies to a skirt or dress with a maxi length. Think of sandals with a floral summer dress. Do you opt for a trendy midi skirt or dress? Then flat shoes are not always the best choice.

3. Which shoes for mini, midi and maxi length?

Skirts and dresses are available in three different lengths:mini, midi and maxi. When choosing your shoes, it makes a lot of difference how long a skirt or dress is. Below you will find the styling tips for mini, midi and maxi skirts and dresses.

Shoes for mini skirt and mini dress

If you opt for a mini skirt or mini dress, you can choose different types of shoes. Are you going for a sporty outfit? Then you can choose from sneakers or biker boots. In winter you can perfectly combine the mini skirt or mini dress with boots or over-the-knee boots. Please note that with high boots there is still at least 10 cm distance between the edge of your boot and the hem of your skirt or dress.

Shoes for a midi skirt or midi dress

Midi skirts and dresses are trendy and timeless. Not surprising, because this length is elegant and very feminine. Unfortunately, this is also the length that is not so easy to combine with all kinds of shoes. If you choose a midi length, it will make you appear shorter and wider. This length does not suit everyone. This entirely depends on your body shape and the length of your legs.

Do you have shorter legs? Or are your ankles a bit wider? Then it is best to choose shoes with a heel. This can be a pump with a pointy nose, but also a higher boot that disappears under the hem of the skirt or dress. This makes the legs look a bit longer.

Depending on the occasion, you can combine a midi skirt or dress with pumps, sneakers, sandals, ballerinas, espadrilles or, for example, biker boots.

Shoes for maxi dress or long skirt

In fact, the same conditions apply to a maxi dress or skirt as to the midi-length skirt and dress. Incidentally, as a small woman you can also opt for a maxi dress. Do you want to look a bit longer optically? Then it is best to choose shoes with wedges or platform soles.

4. Which style and type of shoes should you choose for a dress or skirt?

Although there are no strict rules for this, you can take a few things into account. When choosing the right shoes, it is mainly about the appearance of your skirt or dress. A dark or coarse type of shoe simply doesn't suit a summer dress in cheerful and soft colors.

Yet a very 'wrong' choice can give an outfit that little bit extra. Think of a pair of biker boots that you combine with a floral dress. In this case, the boots provide a look that is just a bit tougher.

There is therefore no such thing as a wrong choice, as long as you take the desired appearance into account.

5. What color shoes go with your skirt or dress?

Which color of shoes is best to choose initially depends on the look you want to create with your outfit. If you want to create an understated look, tone-on-tone combinations are the best. Is your skirt or dress the eye-catcher of your outfit? Then make sure you choose shoes that underline the outfit, without standing out too much.

Color blocking makes your entire outfit a lot more exciting. You will then consciously make a combination of a skirt or dress and shoes in a contrasting color. This can be done, for example, by combining bright pink shoes with a red skirt or a royal blue dress. Just make sure that the rest of your outfit and accessories are not in other colors, otherwise it will become a cacophony of colors.

Are you wearing a skirt or dress with a print or pattern? Then the shoes must be matched to a color that already occurs on the garment. This creates a beautiful whole.

Do you want a shoe that goes with all outfits? Then choose nude!

6. Which shoes go well with a summer dress and summer skirt?

Summer shoes are mainly shoes with playful details such as laces, fringes or, for example, studs. It is important when finding suitable summer shoes that they underline the summer style. So don't combine dark boots or sturdy boots with your beautiful summer dress.

White sneakers are a must for a sporty outfit. In the summer, canvas sneakers are especially popular, as they fit perfectly with a summer outfit. Are you a fan of flip-flops or Crocs? Although these are very trendy at the moment, they do not add anything to your outfit. Unless of course you're at the beach or by a pool, then it's totally okay to wear these shoes.

7. Which shoes go with your skirt and dress in autumn and winter?

In winter, most women opt for boots. This not only has to do with the fact that boots are trendy, but also with the fact that they are nice and warm in combination with a skirt or dress. Suede and leather boots are especially suitable for the winter.

Note:ankle boots and boots make your legs appear shorter! You can solve this by wearing tights in the same color as your boots. This makes the tights, as it were, an extension of your shoes, making your legs look longer.

Which shoes do you prefer to wear in combination with which skirt or dress?