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How to wear leggings without making a fashion faux pas?

Among the fashion pieces that we had sworn to put in the closet or wear only to the gym, I quote the leggings .

Those tight boxers that we hated for a while are back. And not least, since women's leggings achieved the feat of imposing itself in most sportswear, streetwear and casual chic looks. It's even one of the favorite pieces of the high school girl's dress code. And we say thank you to whom? To the nineties trend of course!! But be careful about wearing leggings in 2021 , it is better to have certain style rules in mind. Here is how to wear the leggings , with what, and especially for whom?

Who can wear the leggings?

We're not going to lie to each other, leggings are not a piece that suits all body types . With its ultra-stretch cut, it hugs curves like a second skin. As a result, it is well suited to rather slender silhouettes, on the other hand, if you are a round woman and you are already complexing on your thighs, it is better to pass your turn.

For tall women, luscious women in X or 8, and silhouettes with thin legs, the leggings are perfect.

In addition to the morpho aspect, it is also necessary to take into account the clothing style and the age of each one. Of course at the gym, anyone can wear leggings. This is a sportswear outfit for a 50 year old woman as for that of 20 years. On the other hand, in everyday life, leggings are to be placed in the category of casual clothing. It blends in particularly with certain clothing universes such as rock style, sportswear style, casual style and casual chic style. Outside of these styles, it won't have much to do in your wardrobe except to accompany you to zumba!

How to wear leggings?

According to his clothing style

If you like rock style , then you will be delighted! Leggings, biker jacket, long hoodie and ankle boots and you're ready to flaunt the silhouette of Kate moss. Of course, we advise you to opt for leather leggings or black imitation leather, which you will wear with a colored sweatshirt and a black blazer or a perfecto over it. You can even add a cap, a very trendy accessory this year. Leggings are also the basis of many casual styles. Just like jeans, it goes with almost everything. A long, loose t-shirt, an oversized sweater and sneakers, or a basic t-shirt with a long cardigan.

What shoes to wear with leggings?

To wear leggings in 2021, we definitely opt for sneakers. Converse, wedge sneakers, trendy sneakers, sneakers are THE shoe you need with leggings. Sneakers are especially suitable for a very casual style. On the other hand, for the rock style or to add a chic touch to your casual streetwear look, we will turn to a flat ankle boot . Lace up, zip up, platform boots, chelsea boots, buckled boots, biker boots, ranger boots, studded boots, chunky boots, they all more or less work. If you want a less common but equally trendy style, you can try the style exercise of putting moccasins or pointed-toe ankle boots with your leggings . Be careful, the operation is risky but if you succeed the look will be really ultra trendy.

8 trendy looks with leggings

  • Long white shirt that sticks out of sweater + beige chunky knit sweater + black leggings + white sneaker + black leather handbag;
  • Black leggings + black crop-top + checkered shirt + chunky boots or rangers;
  • Chic look with black leather leggings + beige chunky knit sweater + long camel wool coat + beige loafers;
  • Black leather leggings + white t-shirt + long checked blazer + Converses;
  • Black leggings + fifa sneakers + gray sweatshirt + black furry aviator jacket;
  • Grey leggings + sports trainers + high tennis socks + white collared shorts or chunky beige sweater + oversized denim jacket with fur;
  • Colored leggings + loose long-sleeved crop top and sneakers + rolled up t-shirt at the belly.
  • Trendy sneakers + black leggings + oversized white t-shirt + long thin cream cardigan

Mistakes not to do with leggings

  • Remember that leggings are never, ever worn under a dress. This fashion ended in the 90s, if indeed it never existed. Leggings and tights don't have the same use!
  • Similarly, never wear your leggings with heels. Frankly, that would be bad taste!
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