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7 short haircuts for women to dare in 2022

Gone are the days when femininity was exhibited by long, silky hair. Now, women have the audacity to cut their hair to test all kinds of trendy hairstyles. As you will have noticed, the short haircut for women is more and more popular this year. With curls, on straight hair, with a length at the back, degraded locks, short bangs or well-worked asymmetrical cuts, the short cut multiplies! Pixie, mullet, shag cut, boy bob, what are all these short women's haircuts which we now constantly hear about?

Zoom in 7 fashionable women's short haircuts this year!

The boy bob haircut


So what is this new haircut commonly called boys bob that has been fanning the web in recent weeks? Straight inspired by the haircuts of the nineties, the boy bob honors the square cut for those who want a haircut full of character and modernity. Butwhat exactly is boy bob hair ? It is a mix between the long square and the short square. Carefully degraded, the locks highlight the trendy cut to bring movement and style to the hairstyle! The advantage of this trendy cut? It is suitable for almost all face shapes and all hair types! Only women with a square face will have trouble adopting it. The boy bob cut can be worn as a casual hairstyle as well as a sophisticated hairstyle. It can therefore be worn very easily in all circumstances. Its disheveled effect makes it easy to adopt.

The pixie cut


Unbeatable and unavoidable, this is the trendy haircut again this year. For a short haircut for 50 year old women or for a short haircut for 20 year old woman, the pixie cut has the advantage of being worn at all ages. Characterized by a short length at the nape of the neck and material at the top of the forehead, the pixie cut is both feminine and daring. Many stars have adopted it. From Scarlett Johansson to Michelle Williams, all dare to embark on the new trendy cut with a strong character. In terms of hair type, it adapts just as well to fine hair which can texturize it on the front as to curly and voluminous hair which will make it a trendy modern and contemporary cut.

The short mullet cut


We thought it belonged to the past, but here it reappears, the famous mullet cut so criticized. Brought up to date by Spanish stars like the main actress of Casa de Papel, the mullet cut is THE daring short cut for women. Could it also be due to the return of eighties trends that we now dare to postpone it? Who knows ! One thing is certain, it is perfect for women who want to bet on a very assertive retro cut.

The boyish cut

Wearing boyish hair is also a way to assert your femininity é. Yes, contrary to what one might think, men love women who dare stylized short haircuts. They demonstrate a strength of character and are a sign of singularity. Of course, it does not suit all face shapes. Butif you have an oval or triangular face, you should try it !

The shag cut


A close cousin to the mullet cut, the shag cut is less structured. With a perfect tousled effect that gives a casual style, it is easy to wear to add style to your look. We love it for how easy it is to comb your hair in the morning. Gradient, mule at the neck, the short shaggy cut plays with different lengths and plays on the asymmetrical side of the short cut!

The short plunging square


Here's a sexy short haircut that you adapt to your face shape! Smooth, wild or slightly wavy, the short plunging square suits all face shapes. But it is at the level of the fringe that it must be personalized. Curtain bangs for some, short bangs for others, this is a criterion that should not be forgotten. With its degraded and unstructured spirit, it brings a little more freshness and freedom than a strictly straight square.

The strict short bob


Finally, the youngest, the timeless short, strict and straight bob, the blunt bob ! Perfect for those who love stylish haircuts or those who love retro 90s hairstyles , the short straight square brings a lot of femininity.

What to remember

Are you still hesitating to cut everything? Do not wait any longer to find out. The ideal is to go to a hairdresser specializing in short haircuts for women , in other words a hairdresser who will be able to advise you. Indeed, it is the shape of your face that partly defines the short haircut that will suit you best. For example, for a short haircut for a woman with a round face, it is better to have an asymmetrical haircut!

Then, do not hesitate to play with games of shadows and lights to flatter your hairstyle. This hair contouring technique is increasingly used to have a beautiful haircut that emphasizes facial features. Who says short hairstyle, says audacity and colored hair! Imagine a short shaggy haircut with a pretty ash blonde or a coppery red, it looks impressive, doesn't it?

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