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The Pixie cut:an ultra-trendy short women's cut

The short haircut for women is classic but is not less glamorous than long hair. If you want to feminize your short haircut, why not opt ​​for a Pixie Cut ?

This short cut brings a lot of character and highlights the features of the face particularly well. Ultra feminine and modern, it's a great fit choice that will suit many women.

Here are some trendy pixie cuts to inspire you and refresh your look this season!

What does Pixie cut mean?

The Pixie Cut is a female haircut about 2-7cm long. Her name meaning "pixie" is taken from the fairies, who are often depicted with a short haircut in the back and sides with a slightly longer lock on top. It can be either long or shorter on the back and sides and longer on top.

This type of cut became very popular in the 50s thanks to the iconic Audrey Hepburn who showed up with short hair while on vacation.

The Pixie cut is an excellent choice for the modern, urban woman. Practical and pretty, it is suitable for all hair types. There are different varieties of pixie cuts that are not limited to the classic pixie cut. Hair can be styled in different ways:straight, tousled, curly etc.

Short cuts are not only trendy but they are very practical. It's a real time-saver for styling your hair! Whether you're 30 or 50, why not dare this modern and glamorous cut to breathe new life into your look?

The Pixie cut for which face?

Many women do not dare to take the plunge and go for short hair. However, the short women's haircut is very fresh and modern and can give a lot of style.

The main fear is having a cut that is too masculine and losing femininity. Rest assured, the Pixie cut can take on very feminine shapes depending on the Pixie cut style chosen.

  • If your hair is thick, the Pixie cut will be very textured and voluminous which will make it all the more beautiful.
  • If your hair is fine, the Pixie cut is also a good choice because it adds volume and thickness.

Which face is the Pixie cut made for?

  • If you have a square face, go for a pixie cut with some layered locks and avoid bangs that are too straight
  • If you have a round face, the Pixie cut is interesting in unstructured mode with different lengths of locks to break up the rounded shape. You can make a fringe or a wick to harmonize your face.
  • If you have an oval face, all Pixie cut shapes should work for you! Treat yourself!

Here are some Pixie haircuts, from curly to slicker cut that will suit all styles of women.

How to style your Pixie cut?

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't structure your hair, quite the contrary! Styling a Pixie Cut bringing movement is very easy. Indeed, short hair is easily texturized in a few simple gestures.

Spray, hair dryer or simple gestures with your fingertips will help you style your hair.

  • You can give a wavy effect by spraying spray on top for a tousled style that will give you a rock look!
  • On the contrary, you can choose to flatten your hair in the front in a very smooth way by putting a few strands forward for a more demure look.
  • You can also work strand by strand and experiment with different hairstyles for a wild look.

You're spoiled for choice! So experiment and try different hairstyles for your Pixie cut to find the best options for you.

How to feminize a Pixie cut?

Tofeminize a short haircut , it is very important to bet on makeup and accessories.

The Pixie cut emphasizes the features of your face and your eyes. No need to overdo it, choose your asset to highlight.

You can for example choose to wear a bright red on your lips with a little mascara or you can opt for doe eyes with a line of eyeliner and a simple transparent gloss for attractive lips.

Accessories are also very glamorous to highlight your femininity and take on your short haircut! Headband, barrettes, earrings etc. Choose an elegant and refined accessory for a femme fatale look.

Pixie cut trends in 2022

The long pixie cut

The Long Pixie Cut is a good compromise between short hair and long hair. Indeed, although the back of your neck is short, the hair will be long enough in the front to be able to style it to one side or the other or even back for a look that is definitely sexy!

Pixie cut with bangs

This is one of the trendiest short haircuts in 2022. Pixie cut with bangs will bring a lot of character to your overall look. You can play with different ways to style your bangs either by bulging it on the top or by flattening it on one side.

The Curly Pixie Cut

The Curly Hair Pixie Cut is perfect for an offbeat style. It is wrongly thought that it is difficult to tame curly hair when you have short hair. In reality, it is enough to keep a minimum of volume to be able to shape them and create a trendy hairstyle.

The Gray Hair Pixie Cut

If you want to highlight gray hair modernizing your cut, the Pixie cut is perfect for this color. It will bring pep and style to your general look.

In conclusion

If you are looking for a feminine short haircut, dare the Pixie cut . This haircut is all the rage this year! It sublimates your face and brings a lot of character to your look. If you're afraid of getting bored, you can play with head accessories like the hair scarf.

You can wear a pixie cut if:

  • You have fine hair:it will give you even more volume.
  • You have thick hair:this is the perfect cut to create different hairstyles.
  • You have gray hair:the Pixie cut will bring a perfect touch of modernity to enhance your color.

Keep in mind that the Pixie cut can take different shapes:from straight to curly, tousled, long or short!

If you are not yet ready to take the plunge to switch to short hair, the plunging square cut can be a good alternative to start. Check out the best ideas for plunging bob haircuts here.