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Hydration my love!

We cannot repeat it enough:the skin needs hydration! But what does it mean to “moisturize your skin”? So, obviously, the skin does not “drink” the water, otherwise it would clearly not be practical in the shower, any more than it “eats” when we speak of “nourishment”.
In fact, what we do when we moisturize our skin is support the hydrolipidic film.

We explain! The skin is divided between:

- The Epidermis
- The Dermis
- The Hypodermis

What matters most to us in cosmetics is the epidermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. This skin surface is covered with a non-smooth hydrolipidic film.
It is a "water/oil" film. This hydrolipidic film is very important for the following points:maintenance of hydration, acidity, and the impermeable barrier.

When we hydrate, we simply “repair” or “support” this film! For this reason, when choosing cosmetic products, it is important to link oil and water, as in a cream for example.

So what do we do?

Winter generally leaves damage on our fragile and sensitive skin even if we took care of it throughout the cold season, we take advantage of the coming of spring mildness to reset the counters a little. We are careful when cleaning our skin not to attack it too much.

We start, as always, with a little scrub, for example the Secret des Fées Organic Moisturizing Scrub:gentle exfoliation and hydration!

We take the opportunity to apply the Bio Glam Chic moisturizing face mask once or twice a week, a real hydration boost with its aloe vera and hyaluronic acid!

In the morning, use MyBodyMyOil's "Comfort and Radiance" day cream, a cream full of moisturizing active ingredients:aloe vera, glycerin and baobab oil. Apply by massaging with circular movements, it's even better!

In the evening, we use Nominoë's super moisturizing mask once a week.
And of course, we don't forget the night cream, with for example the Cosmoz cream, with regenerating hemp oil.

If our skin is really dehydrated, we bring out the organic multi-repair serum from Natural Beauty, rich, again in aloe vera.

And yes, we really like aloe vera when we talk about hydration and we obviously prefer it coupled with other active ingredients such as oily products and/or within creams, for better "penetration".

And like hydration, it is also (and above all!) from the inside:
We drink a lot, of course water. We try the TOP ENERGY cure From Martin Privat Laboratory, because the skin is the mirror of the state of our body, and if it is not working properly or is tired, we can hydrate our skin as much as we want and/or can, she will always have questionable health.

And we remember:the important thing is to listen to your skin to see what relieves it and to know what we need!

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