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The benefits of propolis to protect against the change of seasons

Autumn has begun, and it is felt on our body. Fragility, colds, fatigue... It's time to protect yourself against the little torments caused by the change of seasons, and there's nothing like a course of organic Propolis to strengthen your natural defenses and be on top this fall.

It is a "natural shield" produced by bees, through their secretions which mix with natural products from plants and trees. The composition of Propolis therefore varies since it depends on the natural environment visited by the bees (depending on the type of plant on which they work).

Propolis exists in the form of organic capsules, which can be found in the Belle au Naturel box for the month of October, which this month is a box specially designed to take care of yourself and attack the season serenely.

What are the main benefits of organic propolis?

It is a natural antibiotic and fights against any disease:

- Active on flu-like states (fever, more or less intense sore throat, cough...);

- Active on respiratory infections (nasopharyngitis, bronchitis, etc.);

- Antioxidant, anti-aging:

- Anti-inflammatory action, effective against recurrent ear infections and any ENT infection;

- Anesthetic power, painkiller;

- Acts on genital herpes and cold sores;

- Anti-allergic, anti-viral action.

It also has virtues that promote digestion:

- Anti-parasites of the intestine and stomach;

- Acts against food and drug poisoning;

- Reduces digestive problems;

- Effective against Lyme disease.

Finally, it is good protection for skin, hair and nails:

- Acts on skin aging;

- Heals wounds and repairs cells (internal and external use);

- Soothes burns and promotes their healing;

- Fights yeast infections and treats warts;

- Strengthens skin, nails and hair.

Directions for use:Take 2 capsules of Propolis Bio per day at mealtimes with a glass of water.

Complete your cure with a good cup of organic green tea every morning, also present in the October Belle au Naturel box, it will warm you from the inside and contribute to the good balance of your body.

Madeline –