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Animal flow:a toned silhouette for spring

Spring is coming, and with it, this desire for renewal, dynamism, tonicity! We sort through the cupboards, we adjust our beauty routine, and we start moving again. And what could be better than moving while listening to your instincts? This is what Animal Flow offers, this new sport trend that allows you to have a toned silhouette, while expressing the animal that lies dormant in you!

Sport and beauty:what if physical activity sublimates you?

Sculpt your body and boost your self-esteem

We have already talked about it at Veld's, for us, sport and beauty are intimately linked. Why ? Because sport helps us feel more beautiful, and actually makes us more beautiful! The practice of physical activity allows you to improve your relationship with the body :we become aware of our body, its movements, its capacities, and we try to push them away. Through sport, we sculpt our silhouette to make it more dynamic.

And even without becoming a fitness or pumping expert, it's already very rewarding :when we play sports, we feel better in these sneakers, our accomplishments make us proud, more confident, and this confidence is felt in your interactions with others.

Enhancing your skin through sport

Did you know that sport could contribute to the beauty of your skin ? Yes, sport acts on the skin tissue at several levels. First of all, perspiration cleans the pores, to eliminate toxins , and have clearer skin. The rise in temperature also stimulates microcirculation, for a brighter complexion. In addition, physical activity has an indirect effect on the skin:it helps to soothe stress and improve stress management. When we know that the consequences of stress on the skin are disastrous (imperfections, premature aging, dull complexion), we are happy to protect ourselves through sport!

Animal Flow:the big sports trend for spring!

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is a new discipline that comes to us from the United States. The American sports coach Mike Fitch designed this sport, which he defines as a mix of gymnastics, yoga and break dancing, inspired by the movement of animals . Thus, we speak of "Animal" because the postures and movements used are sometimes inspired by the cat, the bear, the lizard, or the wolf. "Flow" refers to energy, rhythm, and fluidity with which we are going to perform these movements. We perform sequences that become real choreography, in a ballet as primal as it is aesthetic.

Why do we love?

We love the philosophy behind Animal Flow, which allows us to awaken the animal within us, and tap into instinctive movements. Above all, it is a very complete discipline :we strengthen the muscles in depth, we work on balance and body weight, flexibility, and also cardio. Thanks to the variety of movements, we work on all areas of the body for a global workout, or as we say in the jargon a "total body training ". And after the Animal Flow session, hop on in the shower, a spray of our body mist Prends Soin de Moi, and you feel boosted, with a beautiful toned silhouette!

What if sport wasn't just for the body?

Muscle and tone your body is good, but what about the face? He too can take advantage of small sports sessions just for him, to sublimate himself. Two very interesting approaches in this field:facial gymnastics and facial yoga.

Facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics is a very good technique to keep beautiful skin toned, and perfectly defined features . As we muscle and stretch our body, we will try here to relax certain muscles of the face, and to contract others. Relax to fight against folds and expression lines; contract it to fight against sagging skin and loss of firmness.

To practice facial gymnastics, the ideal is to take 5 minutes at the end of your beauty routine each day:regularity is the key! Before you start your exercises, however, be sure to moisturize your skin :it is essential to avoid damaging the fabrics. Ready to get started? Discover our 4 favorite anti-aging exercises!

Facial yoga

Facial yoga is very similar to facial gymnastics, but differs in its holistic approach :it plays on both the beauty of the skin and our well-being, to prevent tension. Ideal for your evening beauty routine, face yoga gives you 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation before bedtime. Through small exercises practiced with the hands and fingers, through small massages targeted on the areas of tension, it allows you to make a new skin:you find a rested mine , a brighter complexion, smoothed wrinkles.

As with facial gymnastics, moisturize your skin before beginning the exercises. We recommend the Pure Pulp Neo gel, ideal for hydrating the skin and putting it in good conditions for yoga . Do your daily exercises work around the eyes? Apply one of our Eye Magic eye treatments to boost the benefits of your exercises. Are you ready to learn face yoga? Discover Veld's exercises!