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Benching:a horrible way to flirt

Were you told that fishing was the latest ultra-trendy flirting technique? Well she has just been dethroned by benching.

Benching:a horrible way to flirt

Because of Tinder, or more generally dating apps, there are a lot of flirting techniques, each more horrible than the next. Among them, benching, a new trend that you may have fallen victim to without knowing it.

A fashion for boobs (no politically correct term for women...)

Benching is ten times more abominable than mosting! Popularized by New York Times reporter Jason Chen , this tendency would mean that you are sent "to the bench of substitutes ". In other words, this process consists of keeping several people under the elbow, while waiting to find a shoe that fits. Let's imagine that you start talking to a person and that you feel that they are quite distant while they are still interested. over to you.

Much worse situation if you even got together! At the time of an appointment, she cancels because of an "unforeseen" (we let you guess which one). From then on, you no longer have any sign of life, until the day when she will return the flower to the gun with a "Hello, how are you? ", because it didn't work with this famous "unforeseen". She will therefore continue to talk with you, as if nothing had happened, because you are in the end only a spare wheel (and also sucker!). At this point, you can clearly tell yourself that you are a victim of benching.

Jason Chen has cited a lot of examples to the New York Times to identify the "bencheurs ", since he was a victim of it:"text messages happen from time to time and always follow the same pattern :a link to an article, a funny GIF or a simple “Hey, how are you?” (…) He was suggesting dates, but coincidentally, it never worked . Whenever he felt I was ready to move on, he strangely found a way to resurface :a tag on an Instagram photo, an invitation, a text flirt ".

You will have understood, it would be better to zap this kind of person!