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Haven't laughed in 40 years

Haven t laughed in 40 years

Tess Christian hasn't smiled in 40 years. Not because she can't, but to make sure she gets as few wrinkles as possible on her face.

Natural way
Her tactics work; she is regularly asked whether she has used botox, but that is not the case. Forty years of not smiling is paying off. Tess finds her technique of not smiling much more natural than botox and moreover more effective than expensive creams.

Tess isn't alone in using this anti-wrinkle method. There are celebrities who have admitted to smiling as little as possible to avoid wrinkles. In addition, a lot of expression in the face can cause fine lines. Whoever frowns and smiles as little as possible can indeed limit wrinkles to some extent.

There is nothing wrong with wrinkles and certainly not with laughter lines. It gives your face character and that is beautiful. A psychologist from London is also less enthusiastic about the technique Tess uses:laughing is necessary for your happiness.

How are Tess' friends and family?
Is someone who never smiles boring company? Not if we're to believe Tess. 'I'm good company. If you spend a day with me, you wouldn't notice that I'm not smiling.'

Curious what Tess looks like? You can find the photos on the DailyMail website, where she tells her story.

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