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Toothpaste on boobs? it's the new trend of American Youtubers

False trend alert:toothpaste on the breasts! Strange, yet it is indeed the "technique" presented by Americans to firm up and make their breasts grow.

Toothpaste on boobs? it s the new trend of American Youtubers

If you have a friend who wants to follow this fashion, save her time by saying NO, it doesn't work! However, many youtubers and influencers want to believe the opposite through several videos.

An absurd trend

The internet is full of bizarre and completely useless beauty tricks. The latest is to put toothpaste on his chest, or rather a mixture of toothpaste to firm and enlarge the breasts. A YouTuber with the sweet nickname of Naturalbeauty556 has also made a tutorial of his "miracle" recipe... and his video has almost 8 million views.

The recipe?

Cucumber, egg white, flour and toothpaste... nothing more, nothing less! For this to be effective, you have to spread it on your chest every night for a month. Faced with this "success", the specialists wanted to warn that all this was only on the side. Dermatologist Susan Bard told Teen Vogue magazine :"This is nonsense. None of the ingredients in this recipe have the ability to increase breast size or tighten skin. Worse still, applying these mixtures to the skin is not without risk because they can cause contact dermatitis ".

Another fading trend, but is it really surprising?