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Stashing:the attitude that leads you to breakup

Have you missed trending attitudes in romantic relationships? Don't panic, we're introducing you to a new trend... Which will lead you straight to breaking up!

Stashing:the attitude that leads you to breakup

Little scenario, you meet your other half because you went fishing. The problem is that you don't really take responsibility for your relationship, or you just don't want to show it to everyone. You may not know it, but you are stashing.

What is it?

Social networks do not help so much to assume romantic relationships. The British newspaper Metro put a name to this heinous behavior, which was taken up by many concerned. The term "stashing" comes from the English verb "to stash", which translates to "stash", "hide" or "put aside". As you will have understood, the purpose of the maneuver is to deliberately hide his partner from the eyes of his family, his friends, or even on social networks. This behavior can go a long way, since it is likely that the other will be psychologically pressured by his half, since she will categorically refuse a photo on a social network, and will not keep anything at all of the other on his phone.

This behavior is not without consequences. The person who is "stashered" will have a lack of self-confidence, and will always be waiting for something. He will also not feel up to it, and will not be at peace with his own feelings. It is therefore very important to discuss with your partner if this happens to you, because if you really care about each other, your relationship will not last long with this attitude.