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"Behind the scene with Aimee Song" Or Behind the scenes of our fashion shoot with Aimee Song

The world's number two fashion "influencer", with more than 4 million Instagram followers, played the game of "fashion shoot" for a few clicks. A top of the trends to be found in our special accessories on newsstands from this Wednesday, November 3!

Beautiful as a heart, the Californian of Korean origin arrived in the morning (with the strict quarter of an hour delay). Dressed in a little sky blue cotton dress, an avocado toast in her hand, here she drops us, with the American enthusiasm that we know, the cutest of "Hi guys, I'm Love! (hi guys, I'm Aimee!), not without humor, because of course, we know very well who she is!

Crunchy smile and disconcerting freshness, we are under the spell! It's won, we already love it!

For the event, we took over the premises of the most Frenchy of Los Angeles hotels, a trendy little oasis in the heart of the city of angels, the Mama Shelter.

In the prep room, she takes a curious look at our selection of clothes and accessories and tells us she "loves everything." Phew! Even my dress, but I can't take it off! And of course, she loves us too!

Her favorite makeup artist came for the occasion. Straight as a post, he stands ready to draw his brush. Frankly, her job is easy, there is not much to do on Aimee's face (which is pronounced Ai-meeh and not Amy!) she is naturally beautiful. For the hair, she knows what she wants, very trendy in LA, this "wave" that you see there, she always wears it.

Why do we love Aimee? Because she's natural, she works for real, her blog (check it out ASAP if you don't already know is very qualy. There are real style ideas, good advice, beautiful aesthetics and good deals on clothes and accessories for all budgets. The looks are wearable, fashionable and very feminine. She mixes casual and glamor like no other. And above all, we follow her in her daily life, traveling to the four corners of the globe. It's a dream.

Here, especially for you, some photos behind the scenes of the shoot.

To find out what she loves as much as we do, go to the pages of our December Biba, out on newsstands November 3!

Happy reading!