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We know the sales, of course, but it's never as simple as you think to do them properly, it requires a lot more preparation than you think! So here are my tips for being efficient and doing good business during this period!

All my tips for shopping

1. We're making a list!

This is the most important preparatory step! You must make a list of what you more or less plan to buy during the sales. Make three different columns:

What you need :

Either what you really need, what is missing from your wardrobe, it is often the basics.

What you've wanted for a long time :

Either the big favorites of this year, they often have a price rather unsuited to your budget.

What would you like :

Either the little things spotted these days that you find quite a lot, that you like, without it being a priority.

Rank the rooms in order of preference in each column obviously and if possible write the base prices (approximately). Here is the list that you would bring with you during your shopping sprees for the sales! This list can be done on a mobile phone just as well as on paper of course.

2. We set a budget!

It all depends on how many markdowns you plan to do, anyway, work out a total budget for the entire sale period and divide it by the number of markdowns. Add a little more for the first, which is often the most buoyant. It is difficult to stick to your budget during the sales, which is why taking cash is recommended for those who tend to easily fall for anything on sale... It's up to you to see if the credit card is a good idea or not. But anyway try to really respect your budget, so as not to regret it later!

3. We are far-sighted!

It's best to do your scouting BEFORE the sales! Just like the fittings in order to save you precious time on D-Day. Note in your small list the size you need for each garment. Do not hesitate to ask the sellers if the said piece will be on sale or not! Leaves to put it aside if you have a good relationship with the latter. The others won't spare you so put the odds on your side!

Forget the new collection that will always be there after the sales and above all, remember that it will NOT be SALE whatever happens!

4. Get your combat gear ready!

It is really very important to have an outfit adapted to the event! Especially in winter, when it's more difficult to dress for the sales... I therefore recommend the following outfit:

The top :

A comfortable loose sweater, easy to remove, neither too thin nor too thick.

The Bottom :

Leggings / jeggings for those who are not afraid, it will be easier for fittings. Otherwise a fluid skirt (with tights) will be just as practical to try on outside the cabins and thus avoid the famous 3-hour queue (which makes us waste a lot of time!)

The shoes :

As you wish ! As long as you felt good there to walk all day. But preferably shoes that are easy to remove (uggs, riding boots, sneakers without laces, etc.). Exit the ballerinas, you have a lot of things to get on your feet!

The jacket :

It is the most difficult in winter, the choice of the jacket. It all depends on the weather in your area, but I would tell you not to cover yourself too much so as not to be encumbered by a big coat in the shops where it will surely be very hot. Try the chunky knit cardigan + small jacket duo.

Accessories :

A scarf is essential, I recommend tubes (or snoods) which are easier to remove and put back on. Umbrella, hood or hat, plan ahead and watch the weather (if you are outdoors). Avoid all jewelry (especially earrings!)

The bag :

I recommend a shoulder bag so you have free arms, of a medium size so that it doesn't get in your way. And preferably not your favorite bag! I myself had the experience two years ago of having a shrew tear a strap from my bag for a Sandro top> <

The contents of the bag :

Wallet large enough to be able to put all your receipts, mobile phone, your little list with a pen, a bottle of water, cereal bars/cakes/compotes to take away, your headphones for the bus and NOTHING OTHER ! Don't overload yourself, you will be enough at the end of the day!

The hairstyle :

It is very important to have a practical but easily adjustable hairstyle. A chignon bun or a ponytail for long and min-long hair are your best allies. It is important to be able to undo your hairstyle during fittings. Indeed, this is especially true for tops, some pieces do not give the same effect on you with your hair tied up as loose and it is 100% true . I have noticed it several times. For example, some tops will mark your shoulders a lot, so your loose hair will harmonize your silhouette much better.

5. Additional tips

It is very difficult not to give in to the various temptations during sales, but try to keep your feet on the ground and not throw yourself on the first little summer top at -60% under the pretext that it is not cheap ! Also pay attention to last year’s trends…. which will perhaps (probably) not be next year, in particular for the Summer 2012 collections which will be on sale... Choose the basics and not the pieces that are too "spaces".

Be positive! Me first, I'm a nervous person, especially with the crowd, the noise, the people pushing, I get angry very easily in the shops, however it's not good! Keep a positive mind and a smile, even if a minx passes you in the line of the cabins to try to fit her big buttocks into a size 34 dress, NO don't tell her she'll never make it, don't insult her not, but tell her with a smile that she took your place (she probably did it on purpose). In short, be a diplomat!

Be responsive! Personally I have an eye in the shops to spot what I want or not, I manage to see in a second if a piece will please me or not, if I think so I touch and I would have even more certainties then I look. In short, I have my technique which is almost infallible. Each to their own, but try to be quick and efficient in order to save as much time as possible.

However, know how to be calm when it comes to making a choice. On the other hand, if you hesitate more than 10 minutes to buy a part, it is certainly not made for you. Worst case scenario you'll come back, but don't buy saying "I'll get my money back if it's not okay". You will hesitate just as much at home, keep the piece and it will end up in the empty-dressing room of your blog ^^ . I know that!

Ask for refund/exchange terms at checkout, it's really very important to be well informed about this, because during the sales the conditions are special if the item is not suitable! The shops take advantage of the enthusiasm of customers and favorite purchases to collect as much money as possible. So be careful with your choices!

I hope this article on my best tips for the sales has been useful to you!