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How to be fashionable without breaking the bank?

Regularly updating your wardrobe to stay fashionable can require a substantial budget, except by using a few tricks. What good plans to be fashionable without spending a lot of money? Here are our tips.


They are increasingly decried. Yet sales remain a highlight of shopping twice a year. Who can help but check if the piece spotted a few days before is not sold off? The summer and winter sales still have some nice surprises in store . As long as the weather has not been kind to traders, stocks are large and discounts are significant, from the start of the sales. In store for the purists or on the net for those who prefer to avoid the crowds, it is a question of strolling in search of the good deal.

And recently, floating sales now make it possible to make good deals all year round , for those who know how to stay on the lookout. They are interspersed with promotions, which should also be monitored.

Private sales

Private sales are very popular these days. Almost all the brands now offer their private sales. This is to reserve special offers for some of their customers. Selective, they allow nice savings on products of choice, on the condition of being hyper reactive. Because private sales are limited in time but also in stock. It is therefore necessary to remain on permanent watch to find the good deal.

For private sales in store, it is best to maintain your network to receive the coveted invitation. On the net, a simple registration on the brand's site or a generalist site is enough.

Clothing empties, consignment sale and second hand

The second hand is the trend of the moment. And that's good for our budget. We are mainly looking for favorite clothes, according to the finds.

Thrift stores and consignment stores are also great places to dress cheap . You have to take the time to look and don't hesitate to go there often, because the arrivals follow one another quickly. As in a traditional store, don't hesitate to try on the clothes and combine them to create your own looks.

Black Friday

Black Friday , which arrived in France through the high-tech sector, now extends to all areas, including fashion and textiles . This day at the end of November when prices are slashed is an opportunity to find new inexpensive pieces for your dressing room, some even displaying up to – 70%. Another advantage, the event takes place very shortly before the end of year celebrations . Ideal therefore to find a party outfit or gifts to offer without sacrificing your budget.

The event is seasonal, but what initially only lasted one day is gradually being extended.

Clearance clothing

Clothing on sale is a good plan to be stylish at a lower cost . Fashions follow one another at a frantic pace and it is common for manufacturers to end up with unsold items, including the big brands. It is therefore possible to find recent and trendy pieces, at bargain prices.

Destocking products are now accessible at any time thanks to the platforms dedicated online, like the destocking marketplace

Initially reserved for professionals, fashion clearance sales are now open to individuals who can thus benefit from the same ultra-preferential prices. Be careful, however, to put a reminder in your diary, because the opening to individuals is only on Sundays on Dealrags.

Man, Woman, Child, Baby, this kind of platform references fashion items for the whole family.

In addition to the advantageous price, going through a destocking platform guarantees the purchase of an authentic product and not a counterfeit, since sellers are required to provide a traceability certificate when listing their products.

A platform of this type therefore makes it possible to afford chic and high-quality pieces , to compose complete looks, with clothes, shoes and accessories. All styles are represented:sportswear, chic, boho, casual, elegant, casual.

Clothing and accessories rental service

It may happen that you need a special outfit for a particular event, such as a wedding, a baptism, a business seminar...

Buying a chic and elegant outfit for a particular event can be expensive , especially if you don't often have the opportunity to wear it again. In this case, it is often more interesting to rent your clothes and accessories, with a unit rental service.

Renting is also a good way to regularly renew strong pieces in your dressing room . For this, prefer a clothing rental system with a monthly subscription.

Buy your clothes in bulk

Even if fashions follow one another at a steady pace, there are still basic and timeless pieces that act as must-haves, such as the trench coat, the little T-shirt white or the famous "mom" jeans.

For these, it is interesting to buy them in bulk, without neglecting the quality of the product. Ordering a batch allows you to lower the price of purchase.

Factory outlets

Factory outlets work in a short circuit. The brand itself markets its products directly to its customers, without intermediaries. Since there is no need to pay a third-party distributor, the savings are reflected in the selling prices, which are all the more advantageous.

It is therefore possible to renew your dressing room with chic, modern and trendy pieces without breaking the bank . You have to know how to stay on the lookout for good opportunities. Spontaneous impulse purchases are best reserved for items at low prices, such as second-hand or sales. For the rest, making thoughtful purchases is always better. The quality of the fabrics is important to preserve your clothes for a long time, especially the basics. Customization and homemade are also a way to have original and unique pieces at a very low price.