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Mid-season outfits:these ideas for Pinterest looks to draw inspiration from without moderation

AH the spring ! Its rays of sunshine that warm the soul and almost make us want to quit our job at the slightest breakthrough... But also its bad weather and its sudden coolness. And if this half-fig half-reasonable weather is customary for the new season, it also proves to be a real daily fashion challenge. Because the mid-season outfits are a whole art where the layering, the play of materials and the light jackets are masters of our style. To finally succeed in getting dressed without being too hot (or too cold), here are the inspirations for mid-season outfits hottest spots spotted on Pinterest. Something to happily imitate to finally master this risky fashion exercise (and guaranteed without angina).

Mid-season outfits:these looks to imitate when the weather is acting up

For mid-season outfits perfect, many alternative fashions exist. And for good reason:we can happily dig into the winter and summer wardrobe to think about our looks. We are therefore doubling our stylish possibilities for mid-season. Sweaters and skirts, coats and blouses, knitted sets or jeans and jackets… We mix our pieces without moderation for a result adapted to the temperature. (Without losing sight that each person is more or less warmed up – or chilly). For inspiration, we take the example of fashionistas, who are perfectly trained in the exercise. At home, mid-season outfits rhyme with absolute cool and ingenious layering. Like them, we dare all possible combinations, to explore all the mysteries of mid-season fashion. The essential ? Finding the right balance.

Their ultimate do during this particularly changeable seasonal period? Never go out without your jacket (or any other outerwear). Stylish yes, refrigerated no!