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Retro make-up:our advice for 2 glamorous looks!

Retro make-up:our advice for 2 glamorous looks! The 1930s inspired makeup for fall-winter runways. From the dark mouth to the marked eyebrows, here is the instructions for appropriating the look of a Hollywood heroine with modernity. Charisma assured.

Retro make-up:Luminous seduction


THE PART TAKEN . Bet on materials that reflect light.

THE ESSENTIAL . As a backdrop, opt for a foundation new generation, corrector but with a bare skin finish, which ensures a radiant complexion even under the neon lights of the office. For a perfect fusion, the skin must be perfectly hydrated .

THE EYE TIP . Apply eyeshadow cream in a jar or in a grease pen with a coppery gold tint in the hollow of the banana, then blend it in a halo on the mobile eyelid. Also highlight along the lower lashes. To further illuminate, apply above, just under the brow bone, a little translucent and very shiny lip balm. Finally, enhance the eyelashes with a black mascara lengthening, if possible with a brush designed to style them like a fan.

THE STUNNING MOUTH . Opt for a lipstick satin finish with a fresh and plumping finish, raspberry by day or blueberry by night.

THE EYEBROW EMPHASIS . Very thick, they are combed and lacquered with a shiny mascara-gel.

THE TWIST . Enhance the top of the cheekbones with an iridescent pink blush. Ultra-hydrate the body and illuminate it if needed with lightly shimmering loose powder.

Retro Make-up:Fatal Velvety


THE BIAS . Show sheer skin , flawless and impeccably matt.

THE ESSENTIAL . A white foundation, to slip under a powder or compact foundation for a perfectly milky finish. Apply these “backdrop” products with your finger, brush or with a sponge, but always from the center of the face towards the contours without forgetting the neck, the lobe of the ears and possibly the top of the hands .

THE EYE TIP . Bet on a matte powder eyeshadow, in a reddish-brown or plum shade, to apply in a smoky halo .

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GRAPHIC ACCENTS . Focus on the eyebrows and the mouth! The former must adopt a straight movement. To do this, they are not styled upwards but outwards, then the movement is fixed with tinted wax using a brush. The blackcurrant, black-red or purple lips are first drawn in dark pencil, accentuating Cupid's bow and the corners. To prevent it from overflowing, it is better, beforehand, to apply around the mouth a hint of concealer concealer . The stick of red will be very matte and velvety.

THE TWIST . A little rosewood blush applied very high on the cheekbones, to give life. And beige nails to play down the whole thing.