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Advice for beautiful hands

Hands are fragile, yes, yes and more than you think! But whose fault is it? Daily my beauties! hey yes, everyday life is sometimes tough for them, especially because of the fineness of the skin. Between the aggressive care, the gestures that are part of our routine, the household chores, the temperature differences and the age spots that settle so quickly without forgetting our damn habits, like gnawing the small skins around the nail. All these actions hurt them, mistreat them. And putting on cream is not so bad but it's not enough! so today I am sharing some tips for taking care of your hands, actions to adopt regularly for supple and healthy skin.

Little 1:CLEAN

Cleaning your hands is an essential step in your hand beauty routine, but be careful with the product used and unfortunately water is not a real friend at this level. To overcome this hidden enemy, remember to wipe your hands with the greatest care so that it does not dry out your skin. In addition, to protect your hands from dryness, prefer a soap with a very gentle formula.


You regularly exfoliate your face and body. But do you think about your hands? And yes, the latter need as much and maybe even more! Indeed, using a scrub for your hands will remove dead cells and prepare your hands to receive your moisturizer for better results.

And as we love naturalness, here is a little homemade scrub recipe for your hands:

For this you will need a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of plain yogurt, a teaspoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of sugar. Mix everything and apply to clean, damp hands in a circular massage. Then rinse with lukewarm water.


Here too there is no secret if you want to have soft hands like a baby's skin only one remedy:Hydration! So choose your hand cream carefully, it must be nourishing as desired, for it to be effective it must contain fats and nourishing agents. In addition, take it everywhere with you, for this choose formats that are easy to transport. Why ? It's simple, your hand cream should always be nearby, ready to use, to help maintain the hydrolipidic film that naturally protects your skin.

Here is a homemade recipe to take care of your hands:

You will need coconut oil, and essential oil.

Melt a few tablespoons of coconut oil in the microwave in a clean container

Add as many drops of essential oil (lavender for example, which has recognized properties for the skin)

Leave to cool so that the oil solidifies. Use at will


Another secret for beautiful hands? Strong, well-groomed nails and protected cuticles. The cuticles are the base of your nails, and play a protective role, so it is important to take care of them. For this you can use a nail beauty treatment such as the organic care from Marlay Cosmétique. A Celandine Lotion combined with natural essential oils that will allow you to gradually and gently remove all unsightly excess from your hands.

But once this treatment is done, don't forget to regularly moisturize your cuticles for this, a lip balm will do the trick!


Obviously I couldn't stop at these tips for the beauty of your hands alone because having beautiful hands also meant having pretty neat nails and why not nicely colored?! To do this, unify the surface of your nails without insisting too much using a polisher to smooth them and make them shine.

Then file your nails, always rounding the edges inwards to avoid breakage. But above all, use a cardboard file with enough fine grains not to split your nails.

Finally, finish with one or two coats of transparent varnish for a touch of shine, or a treating varnish if you have ridged, brittle, soft nails. For a top effect, apply a hardening base + a varnish + a topcoat (for a longer shine).


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