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And if we tested the Russian manicure?

And her we were talking a little manicure today? Between two fashion trends and a lot of articles dedicated to looks, it's always good to know some beauty tips to take care of your nails . Have you ever heard of Russian manicure , this nail technique that is all the rage right now?

A manicure that ensures a longer hold for your pretty nail polish or your semi-permanent application and which gives you absolutely flawless nails . Because the secret of Russian manicure is indeed to offer a perfect visual rendering with beautiful clean and smooth nails.

So if you want to learn more about the Russian manicure , read what follows.

Zoom in on the Russian manicure:what is it?


The Russian manicure consists of beautifying your nails by lengthening the nail plate of your nails. Indeed, unlike other nail beauty techniques, your nail technician will push back your cuticles as much as possible. An ultra-feminine XXL nail effect, even on short nails.

  • First significant advantage of this manicure:have longer nails .
  • Second advantage:very clean nail contours for a perfect rendering.

You will also find that after having a Russian manicure, your nails will grow back more slowly than usual.

Also note that fans of classic varnish, semi-permanent, gel or resin nails and even nail art addicts can get a Russian manicure. It is also a very popular technique to sublimate your nail polish and your nails! Since the cuticles are pushed back and removed as much as possible, the nail looks bigger and the varnish lasts longer.

Is the Russian manicure made for you?


  • No matter how healthy your nails are, you will always benefit from getting a Russian manicure. Nail biting , fragile, damaged, brittle or healthy nails, whatever the state of your nails, they will only be sublimated.
  • Also note that the Russian manicure is also very beautiful on natural nails I. It is therefore not mandatory to apply nail polish after your manicure. Natural nails without varnish and well filed, elongated and clean are just as feminine!
  • For those who are used to doing semi-permanent poses, you will enjoy longer hold for your nail polish .

How to do a Russian manicure?

This type of manicure must be done by a professional. Although there is a manicure kit Russian to perform your own manicure at home, it is best to opt for the safety and quality box, or a visit to your nail stylist. Why? Quite simply, because the sanders used to lengthen the nail plates are professional sanders. Professional equipment that is not of the same quality as a product purchased as a kit, that is undeniable.

As for the technique, it requires respect for impeccable hygiene and a precision that only a nail designer can have (or a person trained in this technique). Indeed, alone, you could damage the skin of your fingers with the sander by doing the wrong thing. As they say, everyone has their own job. And besides, it feels so good to be pampered, so why deprive yourself of it?

Steps of the Russian manicure


How is your Russian manicure ? Let's take a look at the main steps of this manicure to find out more.

  • First of all, the professional will obviously start with a cleaning of the nail. You will then have to choose a shape of nails with her so she can file them. Are you more square, round, stiletto, almond nails….
  • Then comes the nail bath! A very pleasant moment which aims to feed your cuticles to treat them in depth.
  • Once all these first steps have been completed, the nail embellishment work can begin.
  • Now is the time to push back the cuticles using the various sanders. Because you will see that there are different sizes depending on the different corners of the nail to work on.
  • After lengthening your nail plate and defining the contours of your nails, the prosthetist will only have to apply a treatment.
  • And presto, here you are with long nails and beautiful as you will have rarely seen them!

For the rest, it's up to you whether you want to leave your nails natural or adorn them with a pretty colored varnish.

Where to do a Russian manicure?

If you are used to going to a particular beauty salon in your city, ask your beautician if she does Russian manicure. But this technique having recently arrived in France, you will find few professionals qualified to perform it.

Not many beauticians do this manicure but it tends to develop more and more. Look at nail bar side or type in Google "Russian manicure + the name of your city" to quickly locate the proposed addresses.

In large cities, there are already dozens of practitioners for this technique. So if you are looking for a Russian manicure in Lyon , in Paris or Marseille, you should find it not without difficulty. And nothing says that in your small town or in your small village, an enthusiast is not trained in this very popular technique.

Either way, always go to a certified center and if you don't know the place, look at the reviews .

Finally, we will simply come back to the temptation to do this manicure alone at home. Frankly, you can try it but if you want flawless nails, go to a professional instead.

The cost of a Russian manicure is around 35 euros. It varies according to the institutes and it will be a little higher if you add a nail polish afterwards.

In summary

  • The Russian manicure is not a nail extension with false nails. It is simply a technique to increase the length of the nails by working the cuticles.
  • This technique has nothing to do with the beauty of the hands consisting of nail work, exfoliation and modeling, which is carried out in a beauty salon.
  • It is in a training center that a beautician or a professional will train to perform this manicure, as for the different nail techniques.

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