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Plantar reflexology for all ailments

Raise your hand if your feet are the last part of your body you care about. You did it ? And so are we. That's why we thought it was time to pay a little more attention to what supports the entire weight of our body because they are not only used for that. It is indeed possible to treat many ailments thanks to foot reflexology. This has its origins in Egypt as well as in Chinese medicine and is based on pressure points. Since we don't like to die stupid, we've been practicing all week to test it and if you're not too ticklish you can too.

Why should you try foot reflexology?

Chinese medicine firmly believes that each point on the feet corresponds to an area of ​​the body that can be treated. Since then, more recent studies have been carried out on these techniques, which has made it possible to democratize them in Europe and the United States. But what really interested us was to see the power that a simple touch could generate. You only have to touch a place on the arch of the foot to see how sensitive it is. It is therefore easy to imagine that it has an important influence on the rest of our body.
Plantar reflexology is an excellent way to refocus on yourself and become fully aware of your sensations. It helps to eliminate tension and restore the lost balance in the part of the body or organ concerned. Correspondence boards also exist to help everyone do their own plantar self-reflexology.
And to give you some ideas of applications that we have tested, here is a non-exhaustive list:get rid of cystitis, stop a headache, eliminate stress , stimulate creativity, improve digestion.
And you, what would you use it for?