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5 make-up products to share with my man!

5 make-up products to share with my man! You've been seeing your man eyeing your makeup bag for months. Worse, he regularly points out the injustice to men of not being able to hide the damage of a rough night with powder or concealer! Make his life easier by sharing your vanity!

Did you know ? More and more men are giving in to the temptation of makeup. If the trend is still timid, and brands are trying to bring "special men's" derivatives of our products onto store shelves, we can see that our darlings no longer hesitate to borrow our beauty products. Here are five products to share with your darling!

> Facial treatment

First product that Monsieur will not hesitate to steal from you? Your moisturizer! This magic potion with a delicate scent that prevents peeling on the wings of the nose at the end of the day. Obviously, since he doesn't know that there are different creams for different skin types, he may be surprised when the collagen in yours stretches the skin on his forehead. Especially since today there are several treatments specially developed for male skin.


The most popular make-up product for men, concealer (or corrector)! In a few simple gestures, it makes it possible to remove any imperfection or sign of fatigue. Ideal, therefore, for the aftermath of difficult evenings.


He didn't understand what was your secret to keeping the holiday tan until November? Since he brushes his cheeks with your Terracotta, he has become a different man. Not a fan of the iridescent look of your sun powder? Give her the Men version by Guerlain:ultra-matte and delicately scented.

>Texturizing powder

Do you see him fidgeting frantically, trying to hold his rebellious but fluffy lock, which falls tirelessly on his forehead? Lend her your texturizing powder! Less aggressive than gel or waxes, it will allow him to play it like Beckham, at least on the level of the hair.


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And if Monsieur really wants to go to the end of things, suggest that he highlight his eyes with a line of kohl. The main risk being “the eyes of pandas at the end of the day”:he would finally understand the need for a make-up touch-up before leaving for the evening. And since Johnny Depp does it, we see more and more men trying the adventure.

So, ready to share your vanity with your darling?