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Make your beauty products! #5

Cucumber:its juice, which (also) contains fruit acids is a natural exfoliant (like pineapple, tomato and lemon juice). Soak a cotton ball then apply to cleansed skin. Even faster:peel a cucumber and rub your skin with the inside of the peel. The rest ? Eat it!

The tomato:Cut it into slices, which you place on the face and leave to marinate for ten minutes. Top for oily skin!

Avocado:It may be greasy, but it's also scrubbing. Pass its pulp on the face by rubbing gently then rinse.

The salad:the queen of green is also the goddess of sweetness (yes!). Wash eight lettuce leaves, cook them for three minutes in 300 ml of milk (without stirring), drain them then leave them on your Rabbit face for twenty minutes. Dip a cotton pad in the milk, use it as lotion then moisturize your face as usual.

Chamomile:known for its lightening properties, it is also soothing and decongestant. Infuse two tea bags in hot water, place them in the fridge and, when they are very cold, apply them to your swollen eyes of naughty party girl. On the other hand, avoid chamomile decoctions for blonding:they turn red and transform the hair into a castle of straw (prefer ready-made shampoo).

Fresh mint:you chew it to whiten your teeth, strengthen your gums and, above all (yes above all), to "keep your breath good" (if you prefer the parsley kiss, it works too).

The bouquet garni:infuse thyme and fresh rosemary, let cool then add vinegar. Use this cocktail as a last rinse to shine your mane.

Herbal and floral herbal teas for the bath:buy empty fabric tea bags (Palais des Thés, Mariage Frères, KusmiTea) and fill it with one or more ingredients (you are the artistic director of your dip !):rose petals, lavender (sensual), rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, sage, lemon verbena (energetic), peppermint (refreshing), lime blossom, chamomile, valerian (calming), fresh ginger in small pieces ( toning). Attach it under the faucet to run water over it, then throw it (and you) in the bath.