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Match your winter coat with your personal style

It's time to discuss the winter trends again. This year we do that completely tailored to your personal style. Everyone goes for a different style and that includes a matching jacket. To help you with this, we have listed different styles, with the matching jackets. Time for your personal advice:

1. Sporty and practical You could describe your style as sporty and/or practical. You are always busy with anything and everything. That's why you need a jacket that does what it's supposed to do. Keeping you warm. However, you do want to look stylish. The ideal jacket for you is the puffer jacket. This is a quilted jacket, which is available in many variants. If you like a lot of room to move, you can opt for a shorter model. That way you stay flexible. If your style leans more towards the practical side, then a longer model is more for you. That way you stay nice and warm. Puffer jackets are available in different materials and colours, so you have plenty of choice.

2. Chic and timeless Whatever style era you were born in, your style would always have been appropriate. Your style is chic and timeless. Some items never go out of style and you know that better than anyone. You are not very trend sensitive and prefer to go for the longer term. Quality is what you pay attention to. Your color palette is probably not very far from:white, beige, black and gray. If you are looking for a coat for this winter, a trench coat or a coat is something for you. We recommend buying a wool blend jacket. These last a long time and never go out of style. Go for a timeless silhouette, such as the hourglass. This makes your figure shine, even if it is below zero.

3. Striking and different
Everyone can see you coming from a mile away. You are not afraid to express yourself through your style. Your style is striking and different. We will of course not tell you as a quirky what you should wear. Still, we think these trends would be really cool with you. Coats that really suit your style are:teddy coats, hairy coats, striking silhouette coats and cool print coats. Teddy and hairy coats are very fun materials to play with. They are available in an unbelievably many different colors and you are guaranteed a wonderfully soft coat. You can also play with unexpected silhouettes or prints this winter.

We hope you are inspired by these style ideas and that you find your perfect winter coat!