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Check out my favorite Christmas outfit article for Christmas!

Yes I know, I already told you, this year we will (as in the whole family 😀 ) in an ugly Christmas sweater, soon a blog about it, with photo. But my favorite Christmas outfit item is my glittery shoes. Fantastic high-heeled glitter shoes with which I always score high in terms of glamour.

Christmas outfit favorite

Now they don't really match my ugly Christmas sweater, but besides that I couldn't have coped with them with my hernia. Still, I've been wearing these Christmas outfit shoes for years on end. Only at Christmas and New Year's Eve, and never .

Not surprising, because they don't walk for a meter, haha. A terribly high heel with which you can go on your mouth if you're not looking out, and the sole rises a bit at the front, also very clumsy. Actually real 'sit' shoes. Completely suitable for Christmas Day, a little less for New Year's Eve, because we always celebrate that with friends and it is more of a 'stand' fest than a 'sit' party. In addition, your toes are also quite pinched at the front, so they are actually not comfortable at all. And yet I prefer to wear them. This year I will only skip a year, but they will just wait neatly in my closet until next year 😉 .

Do you also have a pair of shoes, or a dress or something? Something you 'save' especially for Christmas, but which you don't really wear for a meter? Check your closet, because I'm curious! And if you have a picture…. let us know on facebook!