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Make your own soap with DIY Soap:you can now make care products yourself!

make your own soap; there are quite a few ways you can approach this. Just google around and you will find many recipes that are worth trying. Are you a real do-it-yourselfer? In the sense of… do you also like to find all the ingredients together? Then this tip is not for you. Would you like a helping hand? Then read on because with DIY Soap you will certainly be in your hum. Do you think of Do It Yourself still only doing crafts or sewing clothes or something like that? Then pay attention.

Nowadays it is completely in to make your own care products. But if you don't want to make your own soap from scratch, we now have a nice tip for you. DIY Soap. You read that right:you make this soap yourself, with a little help.

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And a pinch of shea butter

Even if you are anything but creative:making your own soap with DIY Soap is a breeze. Or two. A great DIY project, also for people who don't like tinkering. Are you fond of skin care products? And would you like to brew your own body cream together? Which can. At DIY Soap you order your complete do-it-yourself package. To make your own soap, or a nice body scrub, shampoo… and so on.

Always thought you already had your hands on the most delicious care product? Who knows, maybe the best food just comes from your own kitchen. By the way, you really go into the kitchen. Kitchen princess or not, this is a different cake anyway!

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Make your own soap with DIY Soap

Don't be afraid:the DIY Soap products come with extensive instructions. Or rather:a clear explanation. So you can easily make your own soap. The explanation is not extensive:apparently making your own care products yourself is not that difficult… a child can do the laundry! In any case, I have the honor of trying out a DIY Soap body cream. You can read more about that in a moment.

The DIY packages come in a handy preserving jar. This is where you mix your ingredients. Also useful. Get your mixer ready too. And if you want, you can even use your microwave when making the body cream to make the stuff a bit softer. The same goes for making your own soap. Making your own personal care products is suddenly going to look like regular cooking 😉 . You can see which 'dishes' are on the menu on the DIY Soap website.

Why DIY Soap?

That's actually quite simple. It is natural and organic, handmade in a day care, and packaged in sustainable packaging. All reasons to be happy. In addition, the ingredients are always fresh and you know exactly what is in your home-made skin care product. After all, you made it yourself!

Working with pure ingredients

They work with pure ingredients that -if possible- purchase from local entrepreneurs. Always a nice gesture when the local economy is supported in this way. Their organic honey comes from a beekeeper who lives nearby.

Social interest

As you have read above, DIY Soap is handmade in a daytime activity. For this they work together with two organizations where people with intellectual disabilities are guided in this process in an activity center. A great initiative!

Making jars from grandmother's time

You may remember preserving jars from your grandmother. Very handy to store the dried apricots. But even now, the preserving jar is still widely used. And even as decoration! If you want to order products from DIY Soap more often, you can also go for a refill and reuse your previous preserving jar. Do you secretly like those pots a lot? Then you just order it with your soap package, because you also get nice DIY tips for those preserving jars! If you want a different project than brewing your own body cream. How about a preserving jar as a lampshade? Or make it into a vase! Super fun and creative. We love 'recycling'. First make your own soap and then the lamp camp 😉 .

Make your own body cream:we did it

Normally I already know where to find the drugstore when my body cream is far from finished. I have to apply it to myself after taking a shower. Almost compulsive. Are you also a fan of skin care products? Can't get enough of lotions and tasty scrubs? Not me in any case. And instead of getting it from the drugstore again, we're going to make it ourselves this time!

We got a rich body cream from DIY Soap to make yourself. The preserving bottle contains organic shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil.

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Ready, steady, cook… that body cream

All right, have a cutting board ready and a nice cleaver. The shea butter in your package should be crushed into small crumbs. That already sounds delicious, doesn't it? Then I have to mix the oil with the butter – yes, the shea butter – and heat it up in the microwave. Do you stick to the temperature regulations (or yes, the number of watts ... but that sounds so non-culinary 😉 ). The shea butter should not melt. I overflow every mug of warm microwave milk, so just a moment for me to pay attention.

You can also skip this step. The whole thing goes into the microwave to soften. If you don't, there may be small lumps in your homemade body cream. I don't like custard, and I don't like body cream either, so I'm on the safe side. Although that whole microwave action was also a risk, but it was successful. When the body cream comes out of the microwave (and it already smells good, a lot better than instant noodles) you have to mix everything well. According to the recipe "until it is as creamy as whipped cream". Well, dear readers, we succeeded.

Hence that preserving jar

This body cream is creamier than I have experienced in a long time. Or rather:smeared. It is a greasy, thick cream. So you have to love that. The rich body cream from DIY Soap is highly recommended for people with dry skin. Downside:that includes my own man. And he had quickly discovered that nice preserving jar. Good cream too, he thought. “Could use it for his working hands”. Now I understand the preserving jar:you can just bury it in the garden. Or hide in the pantry between grandma's dried apricots. In any case, hubby won't be snooping between them anytime soon.